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General resources and link lists

  • Wikiversity - sister project that provides information on most academic subjects
  • Footnote - historic documents through their partnerships with The National Archives, the Library of Congress and other institutions (partly free)
  • Google Scholar [1] - provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature
  • Paperity - multidisciplinary aggregator of Open Access journals and papers; provides free full text, advanced search and permanent URLs for all articles
  • ipl2 [2] - merger of the collections of resources from the Internet Public Library (IPL) and the Librarians' Internet Index (LII) websites, hosted by Drexel University College of Information Science and Technology
  • Refdesk - free and family-friendly web site that indexes and reviews quality, credible, and current web-based resources
  • XooxleAnswers Research - professional research service offers free research for small (circa 15-minute) projects as a means of introducing its services.
  • DeepDyve - big archive of literary and scholarly journal articles; free five-minute full-text previews.

Searching for photographs by content

Resources for sourcing and searching for photographs by the content that is depicted. Though the search engines may be accessed for free, indexed images themselves may be under restricted license.

  • Google Books [3] - Searchable archive of magazines and books (some full-text, including photograph captions and references to photographs from related articles and content).
  • United States Library of Congress [4] - Searchable archive of historic photographs, maps, performing arts, newspapers.
  • Life (magazine) Photo Gallery Archives (web site) - Searchable archive of photographs of news and sporting events, celebrities, travel.
  • NASA Images [5] - Searchable archive of aeronautics, space and space exploration photographs.
  • Pexels [6] - Public domain photographs
  • LibreShot (web site) - CC0 1.0 (puplic domain) photographs

Newspapers and news agencies


  • Australian Dictionary of Biography [28] - over 10,000 scholarly biographies of persons who were significant in Australian history
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography [29] - biographies devoted to people who have played an significant role in what is now Canada, who died between the years 1000 and 1930 or whose last known date of activity falls within these years
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography [30] - collection of more than 57,000 specially written biographies, which describe the lives of people who shaped the history of the British Isles and beyond from the 4th century BC to the 21st century. Login is required to access, and it's not strictly free - however, if you're in the UK, entering your library card number will almost certainly get you in. Many libraries elsewhere in the world also have unrestricted access.
  • Project Gutenbergs' very large collection of free, public-domain Biographies

Information and library science

  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) [31] - from EBSCO Publishing, the bibliographic database covers librarianship, classification, and information management, and indexes nearly 600 periodicals, plus books, research reports, and proceedings


Science, mathematics, medicine & nature

  • - practical "how-to" information (articles, videos, presentations, and courses) about conducting research - funding, research design, study management, dissemination, career advancement, and more.
  • E!Science News [33] - aggregated news source from major science outlets and universities


  • California Agriculture (web site) - peer-reviewed journal, reporting research, reviews and news from the University of California and its Agriculture and Natural Resources division
  • '''CaneInfo''' (web site) - an exclusive online resource on sugarcane agriculture from Sugarcane Breeding Institute, INDIA.

Biology and Medicine



  • Nutrition Journal [38] - human nutrition journal by means of ethical guidelines
  • Project Gutenberg's public domain books on Nutrition


Technology & computer science

  • Learn to Code - - coding courses and tutorials ranked by developers.
  • The Association for History and Computing - organisation dedicated to the use of computers in historical research
  • NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) - resource for students, educators, researchers, and the public for access to NASA's current and historical technical literature since it was first released in 1994
  • Website Safety and Reputation Analyzer - a free tool able to analyze websites reputation and show safety information
  • Website Social Media Analyzer - a free tool able to analyze websites features, social media impact and audience
  • RankW - a free service that collects and analyzes all the information about a site.
  • Free website Analyzer - is a free online service that collects information about domains and keywords for which they were optimized.
  • People-video-review - search and get video review from real people.
  • - share and discover the best programming tutorials and courses online.

Social sciences

  • American Enterprise Institute: private, not-for-profit institution dedicated to research and education on issues of government, politics, economics, and social welfare.
  • Fernand Braudel Center: the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations.
  • Glossary of Selected Social Science Computing Terms and Social Science Data Terms
  • Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research: free access for general social survey and national election survey.
  • National Geographic Society [42]
  • OECD: Economic, social, and infrastructure data on industrialized countries.
  • The Overseas Young Chinese Forum (OYCF): "The Overseas Young Chinese Forum (OYCF) is established for overseas young Chinese to exchange their views on social, economic, political and cultural issues concerning China and to develop common aspirations through regular discussions."
  • World-Systems Archive
  • World Values Survey : "The World Values Survey is a worldwide investigation of sociocultural and political change. It has carried out representative national surveys of the basic values and beliefs of publics in more than 65 societies on all six inhabited continents, containing almost 80 percent of the world's population."
  • UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division: world population data and trends.
  • United Nations Human Development Report Office




    • List of Periodicals with articles available
  • The Economist
  • Index of Economic Freedom: from The Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal.
  • International Monetary Fund: IMF research and links to World Economic Outlook.
  • Review of Radical Political Economics: "The Review of Radical Political Economics (RRPE) publishes articles on radical political economic theory and applied analysis from a wide variety of theoretical traditions: Marxist, institutionalist, post Keynesian, and feminist. RRPE is published by Sage Publications."
  • UNDP World Income Inequality Database
  • UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) FAOSTAT International data on food production, land use, nutrition.
  • World Bank: World Development Indicators database.

Geography, places and travel


  • Wikibooks: World History from Wikibooks, a Wikimedia Foundation project
  • EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History: Wiki collection of primary source historical records from Western Europe, hosted by the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University.
  • Talessman's Atlas of World History: Collection of world history maps ranging from ancient to modern times, by amateur historian Thomas Lessman
  • The Historical Atlas of South Asia by Joseph Schwartzberg.
  • Euratlas historical maps of Europe.
  • National, State & Local Newspaper Archives - Collection of free newspaper archives in the United States, from the XooxleAnswers professional online research service.
  • The History Guide - Material for high school (particularly AP European History) and undergraduate students. Includes lectures on Ancient and Medieval European History, Early Modern European History, Modern European Intellectual History, and 20th Century Europe
  • Lectures in Medieval History - Lecture notes by Dr. Lynn H. Nelson, Professor Emeritus of Medieval History at the University of Kansas.


Political science

  • Adam Carr's Election Archive: User:Adam Carr maintains the world's largest online archive of election statistics from every democratic country in the world.
  • Reports and publications of the Brookings Institution, public policy think tank in Washington, D.C.
  • Reports and publications of the Cato Institute, public policy think-tank headquartered in Washington, D.C.
  • Reports and publications of the Center for American Progress, public policy think tank in Washington, D.C.
  • EULib: large, searchable collection of official European Union news and documents.
  • Foreign Affairs: periodical published by the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Foreign Policy: a leading quarterly of international affairs.
  • Glossary of Political Economy Terms
  • Hoover Institution: "a public policy research center devoted to advanced study of politics, economics, and political economy—both domestic and foreign—as well as international affairs."
  • The Jamestown Foundation "The Jamestown Foundation's mission is to contribute to U.S. understanding of its strategic adversaries that pose a threat to democracy and freedom."
  • [51]: Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, Woodrow Wilson Center: think-tank on political, social, and economic issues affecting Russia and other successor states to the Soviet Union.
  • Marxists Internet Archive - Collection of primary source documents
  • Monthly Review: independent socialist journal.
  • New Left Review: a key journal of the international Left.
  • Paul Hensel's International Relations Data Site
  • The Socialist Register


Religious studies

  • The Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Goettingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages (ancient and medieval Hindu, Buddhist and Jain texts)
  • Internet Sacred Text Archive
  • The British Library's complete collection of sacred texts
  • Project Gutenberg's extensive shelf of historic, public domain Religious Texts
  • Synod Commission for Monasteries of Ukrainian Orthodox Church



  • American College of Sports Medicine [52] - American Collge of Sports Medicine
  • ESPN [53]
  • Free Internet Chess Server
  • the Kinesiology Network [54] - the Kinesiology Network
  • LA84 Foundation [55] - digital resources include academic journals, scholarly books, popular sports magazines of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and an extensive offering of Olympic publications
  • NBC Sports [56] - has a history of broadcasting professional sports, including Olympics
  • Sports Dietitians Australia [57] - sports nutrition
  • Sports Illustrated [58]

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