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Featured topics in Wikipedia

This star symbolizes the featured topics on Wikipedia.

This is a record of occasions upon which featured topics have been highlighted on the Main Page. A featured topic is a collection of inter-related articles that are of a good quality and represents Wikipedia's best work by thoroughly covering all parts of that topic through several high-quality articles that share a similar structure and are well-linked with each other.

The system of featured topics began in 2005. The "Today's Featured Article" (TFA) section has appeared on the Main Page since 2004, but it was not until Wikipedia's 10th birthday, in 2011, that a link to a featured topic appeared on the Main Page. Featured topics have been included within TFA blurbs since July 2014, and within the "Today's Featured List" (TFL) blurbs since September 2014.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] There are currently 160 featured topics that encompass 1261 unique articles. There are 41 articles in two featured topics, 37 articles in a featured topic and a good topic, 2 articles in two featured topics and a good topic, and 2 articles in a featured topic and two good topics. There are 48 topics in which every article is featured if possible.

Featured content:

Good content:

Good and featured topic tools:

First appearance

For Wikipedia's 10th birthday, on January 15, 2011, the TFA slot displayed a featured topic (Wikipedia:Featured topics/Guadalcanal Campaign), as well as a featured list and a featured sound.

A later idea

In 2014, there was a suggestion by Nergaal to have a link within the TFA blurb to a featured topic of which the TFA was a part. This idea received support and was implemented. The first featured topic link was to Wikipedia:Featured topics/Maya Angelou autobiographies, as part of the TFA blurb for All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, on July 4, 2014. The first featured topic link within the "Today's Featured List" section was Wikipedia:Featured topics/Battlecruisers of the world, as part of the blurb for List of sunken battlecruisers on September 26, 2014.

Within TFAs, featured topic links are generated by {{TFATOPIC}}, which can take up to two parameters as follows:

  • {{TFATOPIC|Saffron}}

Part of the Saffron series, one of Wikipedia's featured topics.

  • {{TFATOPIC|Solar System|Jupiter}}

Part of the Solar System and the Jupiter series, two of Wikipedia's featured topics.

Within TFLs, featured topic links are generated by |topic1= and |topic2= within the TFL template. The displayed text is the same as for {{TFATOPIC}}.


Date TFA or TFL Article First featured topic Second featured topic Views
January 15, 2011 IAR Wikipedia's tenth anniversary Guadalcanal Campaign 20454
July 4, 2014 TFA All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes Maya Angelou autobiographies 1188
July 19, 2014 TFA McDonald's Cycle Center Millennium Park 1061
July 23, 2014 TFA Alaska-class cruiser Battlecruisers of the world 16609
July 28, 2014 TFA SMS Goeben Battlecruisers of Germany 5155
August 11, 2014 TFA Hurricane John (1994) Category 5 Pacific hurricanes 2274
August 16, 2014 TFA Aston Villa F.C. Aston Villa F.C. 627
August 27, 2014 TFA ARA Rivadavia South American dreadnought race Rivadavia-class battleships 5175 & 1879
September 14, 2014 TFA SMS Kaiser Wilhelm II Battleships of Germany 6144
September 22, 2014 TFA System Shock Looking Glass Studios video games 2253
September 24, 2014 TFA Transandinomys bolivaris Transandinomys 1192
September 26, 2014 TFL List of sunken battlecruisers Battlecruisers of the world 3533
October 3, 2014 TFA Meerkat Manor Meerkat Manor 1033
October 5, 2014 TFA Mom & Me & Mom Maya Angelou autobiographies 1173
October 6, 2014 TFA Mascarene martin Phedina 600
October 11, 2014 TFA Battle of Cape Esperance Guadalcanal Campaign 2452
October 13, 2014 TFA Capitol Loop Interstate 96 2564
October 27, 2014 TFL World Series Most Valuable Player Award Major League Baseball awards 362
November 16, 2014 TFA Hurricane Claudette (2003) 2003 Atlantic hurricane season 1308
November 21, 2014 TFA Sega 32X Sega Genesis 3268
November 27, 2014 TFA Freedom from Want (painting) Four Freedoms 4498
December 14, 2014 TFA Quainton Road railway station Brill Tramway 1537
December 23, 2014 TFA 1995 Pacific hurricane season 1995 Pacific hurricane season 1566
December 26, 2014 TFL Moons of Jupiter Jupiter 605
December 27, 2014 TFA Fifth Test, 1948 Ashes series Australian cricket team in England in 1948 684
December 30, 2014 TFA Thief II: The Metal Age Looking Glass Studios video games 2688
January 2, 2015 TFL List of emperors of the Han dynasty Han dynasty 474
January 12, 2015 TFA No. 1 Squadron RAAF No. 90 (Composite) Wing RAAF 1400
January 22, 2015 TFA Union Films Union Films 669
January 24, 2015 TFA Thomas Blamey Command in the South West Pacific Area 1405
February 11, 2015 TFA Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VIII 1702
February 18, 2015 TFA SMS Bayern Battleships of Germany 7433
February 24, 2015 TFA Oryzomys Oryzomys 593
March 17, 2015 TFA Audie Murphy Audie Murphy 2372
March 19, 2015 TFA Brill railway station Brill Tramway 1447
March 20, 2015 TFL Hugo Award for Best Novel Hugo Awards 530
March 21, 2015 TFA Tosa-class battleship Tosa-class battleships 1325
March 22, 2015 TFA God of War (video game) God of War franchise 1624
April 10, 2015 TFA Sale, Greater Manchester Towns in Trafford 1781
April 16, 2015 TFA Vernon Sturdee Command in the South West Pacific Area 2924
April 18, 2015 TFA Hurricane Erika (1997) 1997 Atlantic hurricane season 1374
May 17, 2015 TFA Rivadavia-class battleship Rivadavia-class battleships South American dreadnought race 2260 & 3459
June 7, 2015 TFA Flight Unlimited Looking Glass Studios video games 1725
June 11, 2015 TFA Underground Electric Railways Company of London Underground Electric Railways Company of London 2567
June 17, 2015 TFA AMX-30E Spanish Tanks ?
June 20, 2015 TFA God of War: Betrayal God of War franchise 1067
June 26, 2015 TFA Stanley Savige Command in the South West Pacific Area 1408
July 4, 2015 TFA United States Bicentennial coinage United States Bicentennial coinage 856
July 9, 2015 TFA Corn crake Crex 763
July 14, 2015 TFA Pluto Dwarf planets 2803
July 24, 2015 TFL List of Sega 32X games Sega Genesis 515
July 24, 2015 TFA M-28 Business (Ishpeming–Negaunee, Michigan) M-28 1421
August 8, 2015 TFA SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm Battleships of Germany 4081
August 11, 2015 TFA Arbiter (Halo) Characters of Halo 1714
September 4, 2015 TFL Theatre productions of Dan Leno Dan Leno on stage and record 285
September 10, 2015 TFA Minas Geraes-class battleship Minas Geraes-class battleships South American dreadnought race 1889 & 3234
September 14, 2015 TFL Nebula Award for Best Novella Nebula Award 752
September 23, 2015 TFA Actions along the Matanikau Guadalcanal Campaign 3457
October 8, 2015 TFA Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano Yamato-class battleships 4987
October 10, 2015 TFA U.S. Route 41 Business (Marquette, Michigan) M-28 803
October 19, 2015 TFL List of mathematicians, physicians, and scientists educated at Jesus College, Oxford Jesus College, Oxford 732
October 30, 2015 TFL List of World Series champions Major League Baseball awards 399
November 5, 2015 TFA Mackensen-class battlecruiser Battlecruisers of the world 7371
November 6, 2015 TFA Master System Sega video game consoles 2623
November 18, 2015 TFA African crake Crex 709
November 20, 2015 TFL List of National Treasures of Japan (sculptures) National Treasures of Japan 862
November 25, 2015 TFA Ron Hamence with the Australian cricket team in England in 1948 Australian cricket team in England in 1948 1222
November 27, 2015 TFA Almirante Latorre-class battleship South American dreadnought race 2307
December 18, 2015 TFA Interstate 496 Interstate 96
December 23, 2015 TFA Tropical Storm Edouard (2002) 2002 Atlantic hurricane season


The featured topic subpages generally receive under 100 views per day. The views listed above (obtained with the tool hosted at are very much above that, with a median of upwards of 2000 views. It is likely that most of these in turn lead to a similar increase of viewership in the other articles listed within the topic.

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