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This page is for general discussion of items that relate to student assignments and the Wikipedia Education Program. Please feel free to post, whether you're from a class, a potential class, or if you're a Wikipedia editor.

If you wish to report or discuss a specific incident relating to the Education Program or student editing that may require the intervention of experienced editors and/or administrators, please go instead to the Incidents page.

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  • Special:Courses (a list of courses using the Education Program extension)

Student instructions for publishing a draft

Lately, I've noticed quite a few students are choosing the Wikipedia namespace when attempting to publish a draft. Even though this is not an uncommon mistake, it seems like a disproportionate number of the errors are made by students. I'm not familiar with the materials Wiki Ed puts out to students and instructors, but can someone verify that they do not imply students should do this? If the wording is fine, a note should be added to select "(article)" space when publishing. – Train2104 (t • c) 14:01, 6 April 2017 (UTC)

Train2104, I think you mean "(draft)" space - a lot of these articles need serious work (and some I've deleted have been nowhere near acceptable). Students should be sandboxing/drafting and then submitting for review (formally or informally, I'm not really fussed). Primefac (talk) 15:11, 6 April 2017 (UTC)
@Train2104: This is the relevant page of the training students work through: Move your page. Sometimes when it's actually time to move it, students might reference the Editing Wikipedia handout instead, in which case the relevant content is on page 13. Feedback on the wording is welcome, but it seems fairly clear to me. It's possible if you're seeing a bunch of this sort of error clustered together that they may be from the same class (sometimes one student or the instructor makes a mistake and everyone follows suit). @Primefac: I think Train2104 is talking about when students are trying to move out of their sandbox/draft into the mainspace. Sometimes this happens too soon, to be sure. In any of these cases, by all means bring it up here if you'd rather not intervene or if you notice a pattern (or for whatever other reason). Can also leave a message for the Content Expert working with the class (listed on the course page, which should be linked from every student's userpage and the talk pages of articles they work on). --Ryan (Wiki Ed) (talk) 16:32, 6 April 2017 (UTC)
The wording seems clear to me too. It's just a matter of students not reading instructions, then. I haven't noticed any consistent pattern in terms of everyone in a class doing it, it just seems like random students. I'll keep an eye on classes when I next see it though. – Train2104 (t • c) 18:31, 6 April 2017 (UTC)
It may also be useful to point students to WP:STUDENTS. --Tryptofish (talk) 21:13, 6 April 2017 (UTC)

I'm going to revive this thread. While Special:AbuseFilter/850 now warns before moving to project space, I've cleaned up a couple student messes over the past week involving complex series of moves. Some (like today's attempt by User:Amandayeoh) appear to be those who developed a new version of an existing article in their sandbox, and then tried to "move" it over. Obviously the system doesn't let them do that, so they go in circles to see if there's a way around it. I notice that the page linked above doesn't mention that the steps should only be followed for a new article. – Train2104 (t • c) 19:45, 23 April 2017 (UTC)

Two misplaced pages

I'm not where these two pages should go, but I'm pretty sure this is not where they belong. Could someone please move them into a "standard" course location, if one exists locally?

– Train2104 (t • c) 06:03, 7 April 2017 (UTC)

@Train2104: It looks like Wikipedia:Education Program:USF Environmental Law Project duplicates content on User:Aarf613 (or vice versa), so Aarf613 may be fine to just delete it?
Pinging Peteforsyth about the second. --Ryan (Wiki Ed) (talk) 14:49, 7 April 2017 (UTC)
@Train2104: Coming back to this. Upon looking a bit closer I see that Wikipedia:Education Program:USF Environmental Law Project was moved there by Mercurywoodrose because it had somehow made it into the mainspace. Wikipedia:Education Program: isn't actually a space for anything (as far as I know). There's the Education Program namespace for course pages created with the Education Program MediaWiki extension, which is no longer maintained and only rarely used anymore, and there are classes as Wikipedia:Wiki_Ed/ (like Wikipedia:Wiki Ed/University of San Francisco/Environmental Law II (Fall)) that are automatically updated mirrors of Dashboard pages, so not a good place for usable wiki pages. Personally, I think the page makes the most sense in userspace (i.e. moved back to User:Aarf613/sandbox, where it came from), although the content is already reproduced at User:Aarf613 as I mentioned above. --Ryan (Wiki Ed) (talk) 13:54, 24 April 2017 (UTC)

Campus Ambassador application: poorva2

Poorva2 (talk · contribs)

  1. Why do you want to be a Wikipedia Ambassador?
    I initially looked up the programme information of curiosity, but as I read the job description, I intensely felt that this was something I wanted to be a part of. I enjoy working with people, and would welcome the opportunity to be a part of the ambassador team. I am extremely passionate about the work I undertake and I am motivated to deliver high-quality work. I believe that Wikipedia an excellent platform for my colleagues to voice their ideas and learn from other's portrayal of ideas and that is why I want to promote it.
  2. Where are you based, and which educational institution(s) do you plan to work with as a Campus Ambassador?
    Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka, India [1]
  3. What is your academic and/or professional background?
    I am an enthusiastic medical student pursuing Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Manipal University
  4. In three sentences or less, summarize your prior experience with Wikimedia projects.
  5. What else should we know about you that is relevant to being a Wikipedia Ambassador?
    I have been a content writer for various organizations which has, to some extent, given me some exposure.


  1. ^ "Manipal University". 

Possible unregistered course

[1] says it is being done for a college course, but I don't see any accompanying course enrollments. It is the editor's sole contrib and he has a blank userpage. - Bri (talk) 00:30, 24 April 2017 (UTC)

@Bri: Thanks. I've left a message on the student's userpage requesting information about the instructor. If we can get the name (or some additional information that allows us to track down the name), we can reach out to try to get them on-board. --Ryan (Wiki Ed) (talk) 13:31, 24 April 2017 (UTC)
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