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County of Wied
Grafschaft Wied
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Capital Wied
Government Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Established / Reichsfreiheit 1093
 •  Comital line extinct;
    passed to Isenburg-Wied
 •  Inherited by Lords of Runkel and restored
 •  Partitioned to create
 •  Partitioned into
    W-Neuwied, W-Runkel
1698 1698
 •  Both parts mediatised to
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Duchy of Franconia Duchy of Franconia
Wied-Dierdorf Wied-Dierdorf
Wied-Neuwied Wied-Neuwied
Wied-Runkel Wied-Runkel

Wied was a County of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, located on the river Wied where it meets the Rhine. Wied emerged as a County earlier than many other German states. From 1243–1462, Wied was united with an Isenburgian County as Isenburg-Wied. Wied was partitioned twice: between itself and Wied-Dierdorf in 1631, and between Wied-Neuwied and Wied-Runkel in 1698. Via William of Albania, the House of Wied ruled the Principality of Albania in 1914.

Counts of Wied (c. 860–1243)

  • Matfried I (c. 860– ?)
  • Eberhard
  • Matfried II
  • Richwin II
  • Richwin III
  • Richwin IV (1093–1112) with...
  • Matfried III (1093–1129)
  • Burchard (? –1152) with...
  • Siegfried (1129–61) with...
  • Theodoric (1158–89) with...
  • George, in 1217-1218 he was a commander of the German crusaders of the 5th crusade
  • Lothar (? –1243)

To Isenburg-Wied (1243–1462)

Counts of Wied (1462–1698)

  • Frederick I (1462–87)
  • William III, Count of Mörs (1487–1526) with...
  • John I (1487–1533)
  • Philip (1533–35)
  • John II (1535–81)
  • Herman I (1581–91) with...
  • William IV (1581–1612) with...
  • Herman II (1581–1631)
  • Frederick II (1631–98)

Partitioned between Wied-Neuwied and Wied-Runkel

External links

  • Map of Wied in 1789
  • Héraldique européenne (in French)

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