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White separatism is a separatist political and social movement that seeks the separation of white people from people of other races and ethnicities, establishing a white ethnostate by removing non-whites or by forming a new community elsewhere. [1]

A study of the white separatist movement in the United States reported that adherents usually reject marriage "outside the white race". The authors also noted "a distinction between the supremacist desire to dominate (as in apartheid, slavery, or segregation) and complete separation by race".[2]

Contemporary scholars disagree over whether white separatism is distinct from white supremacist beliefs: the Anti-Defamation League argues that white supremacists use the phrase because they believe it has fewer negative connotations than the term white supremacist. [3] Other scholars have argued that, while many white separatists are also white supremacists, contemporary white separatists reject the view that returning to a system of segregation is possible or desirable in the United States. [4]

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