White Eagle, Red Star

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White Eagle, Red Star
White Eagle Red Star cover.jpg
Author Norman Davies
Country United States
Language English
Subject Polish-Soviet War
Publisher Macdonald
Publication date

White Eagle, Red Star: The Polish–Soviet War, 1919–20 is a 1972 book by Norman Davies covering the Polish–Soviet War. This monograph is Davies' first book.

It is considered by many historians to be one of the best English-language books on the subject. A. J. P. Taylor, who wrote the foreword to it, also wrote: "Norman Davies's book is a permanent contribution to historical knowledge and international understanding."


The book had several editions and translations:


For Pimlico; new edition (27 Nov 2003)
  1. ISBN 0-7126-0694-7
  2. ISBN 978-0-7126-0694-3
For Orbis Books (London) Ltd; revised edition (Jan 1984)
  1. ISBN 0-901149-23-3
  2. ISBN 978-0-901149-23-7
For Birlinn Ltd (30 Nov 2000)
  1. ISBN 1-84158-083-X
  2. ISBN 978-1-84158-083-8
For Macdonald (13 Jul 1972)
  1. ISBN 0-356-04013-5
  2. ISBN 978-0-356-04013-4

Other language editions:

  • Polish bibuła underground translations – two in 1987 and 1988[1]
  • Orzeł Biały, Czerwona Gwiazda (in Polish), Wydawnictwo Znak, 1997, ISBN 83-7006-761-1 .

Further reading

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