West Branch Delaware River

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West Branch
Country United States
State New York
Region Catskills
Counties Schoharie, Delaware
Towns Stamford, Delhi, Hancock, Deposit
Part of Delaware River
 - left Little Delaware River
 - right West Brook, Oquaga Creek
Landmark Cannonsville Reservoir
Source Unnamed pond
 - location North of Mount Jefferson
 - coordinates 42°27′13″N 74°36′25″W / 42.45361°N 74.60694°W / 42.45361; -74.60694
Mouth Delaware River
 - location Hancock
 - elevation 880 ft (268 m)
 - coordinates 41°56′20″N 75°16′46″W / 41.93889°N 75.27944°W / 41.93889; -75.27944Coordinates: 41°56′20″N 75°16′46″W / 41.93889°N 75.27944°W / 41.93889; -75.27944
Length 90 mi (145 km)
Delaware headwaters map.png

The West Branch Delaware River, approximately 90 mi (144 km) long in the U.S. states of New York and Pennsylvania, is one of the two branches, along with the East Branch, that join to form the Delaware River. Along most of its course, it flows through a mountainous area of New York in the western Catskill Mountains.


It rises in Schoharie County, New York and flows generally southwest, entering Delaware County and flowing past Stamford and Delhi. In southwestern Delaware County it flows in an increasingly winding course through the mountains, generally southwest. At Stilesville it is impounded to form the Cannonsville Reservoir. At Deposit, on the border between Broome and Delaware counties, it turns sharply to the southeast and is paralleled by New York State Route 17. It joins the East Branch at Hancock to form the Delaware. For the lower 6 mi (10 km) it forms part of the boundary between New York and Pennsylvania.


Not including tributaries of Cannonsville Reservoir

Basset Brook
Lake Brook
McMurdy Brook
Betty Brook
Kiff Brook
Wright Brook
Kidd Brook
Elk Creek
Falls Creek
Steele Brook
Peaks Brook
Platner Brook
East Brook
West Brook
Pines Brook
Bobs Brook
Wakeman Brook
Cold Spring Creek
Butler Brook
Oquaga Creek
Sherman Creek
Faulkner Brook
Balls Creek

Town Brook
Rose Brook
Little Delaware River
Bagley Brook
Mallory Brook
Weeds Brook
Beers Brook
Chase Brook
Whitaker Brook
Roods Creek
Travis Brook
Sands Creek


The river below the Cannonsville Dam in Deposit, NY is considered one of the best fly fishing trout streams in the United States, due to the cold water released from the reservoir.[1] The trout population in this river is naturally reproducing, but during the warm months stocked trout from smaller and warmer tributaries will seek sanctuary in its cool water.

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