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This is the earliest known photo of 3 of the Wan brothers: Laiming, GuChan and ChaoChen. The pamphlet is made after 1941, since the cartoon character on the front is from Princess Iron Fan. They are promoted as 卡通作家 or "Cartoon Creators"

The Wan Brothers (Chinese: 萬氏兄弟) were born in the early 20th century in Nanjing, China. They became the founders and pioneers of the Chinese animation industry and made the first Asian animation feature-length film, Princess Iron Fan in 1941.


The era in which the Wan brothers operated was a very challenging one for building an industry.[citation needed] China would endure the Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II and the Cultural Revolution. They also made the famous cartoon animation, Havoc in Heaven.

The brothers

English Name Chinese Name Born Died
Wan Laiming 萬籟鳴 18 January 1900 7 October 1997
Wan Guchan 萬古蟾 18 January 1900 19 November 1995
Wan Chaochen 萬超塵 1906 1992
Wan Dihuan 萬滌寰 1907 Unknown


Their father was in the silk business. Their mother was a seamstress.

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