WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship

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WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Promotion L&G Promotions
World Wrestling Council
Wrestling International New Generations
Date established May 25, 1968
Date retired March 31, 2012
Other name(s)
  • L&G Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
  • NWA Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
  • W*ING/WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship

The WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship is a secondary title contested for in the Puerto Rican professional wrestling promotion, the World Wrestling Council (WWC).

The title has been in use since 1975. Prior to being defended in the WWC, it was defended in L&G Promotions, until 1977, when the title moved to the WWC after L&G closed. For a time, the title was defended in the W*ING promotion in Japan as the W*ING/WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship.[1][2] Throughout the years, the championship has been used on and off in WWC, although it was a mainstay of the promotion and defended regularly until the mid-1990s. It was first rendered inactive in February 1994 with the closing of W*NG. It was revived and used for another 18 months roughly from January 1996 to August 1997 before being abandoned for the second time. More than four years later, in December 2001, the WWC began contesting bouts for the championship once more. However, the revival of the championship would be relatively short and it was rendered inactive in late August 2002 and hasn't been promoted by the World Wrestling Council since. On September 25, 2010, the title was reactivated and captured by Hideo Saito.

The Caribbean Heavyweight Championship was declared vacated and currently inactive on Mach 31, 2012

Title history

Wrestler Times Date Location Notes
L&G Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Jose Lothario 1 1968-05-25 San Juan, Puerto Rico Defeat Red Bastien via forfeit in tournament final to become first champion.[3]
Johnny Valentine 1 1968-06-08 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jose Lothario 2 1968-10-24 Freeport, Bahamas
The Gladiator 1 1969-01-18 San Juan, Puerto Rico Was a first on win two of three falls match.[4]
Hans Mortier 1 1969-04-05 San Juan Puerto Rico
Ciclón Negro 1 1969-04-19 San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Missouri Mauler 1 1970-01-31 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jack Brisco 1 1970-??-?? San Juan, Puerto Rico
Mephistofeles 1 1970-09-05 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Unknown Years later (1975) was announced a 12-man tournament to crown "champion"
Toru Tanaka 1 1975-03-01 San Juan, Puerto Rico Won a 12-man tournament to win the vacant championship.
Jose Lothario 3 1975-03-22 San Juan, Puerto Rico Lothario began defending the title in World Promotions after L&G Promotions closes.
Huracán Castillo (Pedro Castillo) 1 1976-07-31 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Castillo was the NWA Caribbean Champion when he jumped to the WWC later on May 4, 1977 the title was renamed WWC Caribbean Championship.[5][6]
WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Hercules Ayala 1 1977-11-26 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Joe Novak 1 1977-12-17 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Dick Steinborn 1 1978-02-04 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Invader I 1 1978-02-25 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Pierre Martel 1 1978-03-11 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Invader I 2 1978-04-08 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Held Up after a match between Invader I and Dick Steinborn on 1978-06-24 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.
Invader I 3 1978-07-01 Caguas, Puerto Rico Defeat Dick Steinborn in a rematch.[7]
Armand Hussein 1 1978-07-15 Caguas, Puerto Rico
José Rivera 1 1978-08-10 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Gil Hayes 1 1978-10-21 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Chief War Cloud 1 1978-11-25 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Don Kent 1 1979-01-06 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Huracán Castillo 2 1979-07-21 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Dick Steinborn 2 1979-08-21 San Juan, Puerto Rico
José Rivera 2 1979-11-?? ???
Dick Steinborn 3 1979-11-24 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Ciclón Negro 2 1979-12-29 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Gama Singh 1 1980-06-07 San Juan, Puerto Rico
José Rivera 3 1980-06-28 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Luke Graham 1 1980-07-19 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Chief Jay Strongbow 1 1980-10-11 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Danny Condrey 1 1980-12-20 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Maravilla 1 1981-02-09 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Medic II 1 1981-03-07 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Tommy Gilbert 1 1981-03-21 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Kim Song 1 1981-05-16 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jack Brisco 2 1981-05-30 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Hans Muller 1 1981-12-20 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Pierre Martel 2 1982-01-06 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
"King Kong" Mosca 1 1982-02-20 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
stripped off on 1982-03-13 when mosca left from WWC due to a problem with Invader. I.[8]
Dick Steinborn 4 1982-03-27? Bayamón, Puerto Rico? Defeat Charlie Cook in a tournament final.
Charlie Cook 1 1982-04-10 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Abdullah the Butcher 1 1982-08-14 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Hercules Ayala 2 1987-03-28 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
TNT 1 1988-06-18 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Buddy Landel 1 1988-08-20 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
TNT 2 1988-09-17 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Jason the Terrible 1 1988-11-19 Carolina, Puerto Rico
TNT 3 1989-03-04 San Juan, Puerto Rico [9]
Rip Rogers 1 1989-05-14 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Miguel Pérez, Jr. 1 1989-11-04 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Harley Race 1 1990-01-06 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Invader I 4 1990-03-04 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico [9]
Leo Burke 1 1990-05-19 Carolina, Puerto Rico
Invader I 5 1990-07-07 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Kim Duk 1 1990-09-08 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
El Bronco 1 1990-12-15 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Kim Duk 2 1991-02-07 Humacao, Puerto Rico
Miguel Pérez, Jr. 2 1991-02-16 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Scott Hall 1 1991-03-03 Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Super Medic III 1 1991-04-20 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Rod Price 1 1991-07-06 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Super Medic III 2 1991-07-13 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Fidel Sierra 1 1991-08-03 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Miguel Pérez, Jr. 3 1991-12-07 Carolina, Puerto Rico
Greg Valentine 1 1991-12-22 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Miguel Pérez, Jr. 4 1992-01-06 San Juan, Puerto Rico The title moved to Wrestling International New Generations in December 1992.
W*ING/WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Yukihiro Kanemura 1 1992-12-18 Fukushima, Japan
Jado 1 1993-09-26 Hachiōji, Japan
Vacated and inactivated when Jado jumped to WAR on 1994-02-11. [10]
WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Abdullah the Butcher 2 1996-01-06 Caguas, Puerto Rico Won an 18-man battle royal.[11]
Vacated and inactivated when Abdullah lost a retirement match to Carlos Colón on 1997-08-16 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.
Fidel Sierra 2 2001-12-15 Caguas, Puerto Rico Defeat El Bronco and El Nene in a 3-way match to reactivate the title.[12]
Super Gladiador (Ricky Frontán) 1 2002-03-22 Orocovis, Puerto Rico
Fidel Sierra 3 2002-03-30 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Rico Suave 1 2002-05-26 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Ricky Santana 1 2002-06-22 Cayey, Puerto Rico
Rico Suave 2 2002-07-06 Cayey, Puerto Rico
Ricky Santana 2 2002-08-24 Coamo, Puerto Rico
Title was inactivated and abandoned immediately on August 24, 2002 [13]
Hideo Saito 1 2010-09-25 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Won a ten-man battle royal to win the title and activate since 2002.[14]
Abbad 1 2010-10-23 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Vacated on 2010-11-27 when Abbad no-showed in various matches
Joe Bravo 1 2010-11-27 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeat Chris Joel for the vacant title.
El Sensacional Carlitos 1 2011-04-02 Quebradillas, Puerto Rico
Chavo Guerrero 1 2011-07-16 Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defeat El Sensacional Carlitos and Orlando Colón in a 3-way match to win the title.
Orlando Colón 1 2011-09-24 Caguas, Puerto Rico
El Sensacional Carlitos 2 2011-10-30 Caguas, Puerto Rico
Bolo the Red Bulldog 1 2012-03-04 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
El Sensacional Carlitos 3 2012-03-17 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Vacated and abandoned on March 31, 2012 after El Sensacional Carlitos leaves from WWC.


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