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This is a list of all works by Irish poet and dramatist W. B. (William Butler) Yeats (1865–1939), winner of the 1923 Nobel Prize in Literature and a foremost figure in 20th-century literature. Works sometimes appear twice if parts of new editions or significantly revised. Posthumous editions are also included if they are the first publication of a new or significantly revised work. Years are linked to corresponding "[year] in poetry" articles for works of poetry, and "[year] in literature" articles for other works.



  • 1890 – "The Lake Isle of Innisfree", poem first published in the National Observer, 13 December; poem included in The Countess Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics, 1892[2]
  • 1891Representative Irish Tales
  • 1891John Sherman and Dhoya, two stories[3]
  • 1892Irish Fairy Tales
  • 1892The Countess Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics, includes "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" (see 1890, above)[2] (Lyrics from this book appear in Yeats' collected editions in a section titled "The Rose" [1893] but Yeats never published a book titled "The Rose")
  • 1893The Celtic Twilight, poetry and nonfiction[2]
  • 1893The Rose, poems[2]
  • 1894The Land of Heart's Desire, published in April, his first acted play, performed 29 March[2]
  • 1895Poems, verse and drama; the first edition of his collected poems. Containing: The Countess Cathleen, The Land of Heart's Desire, The Wanderings of Usheen and the poetry collections The Rose, Crossways[2]
  • 1895 – Editor, A Book of Irish Verse, an anthology[2]
  • 1897The Tables of the Law. The Adoration of the Magi, privately printed; The Tables of the Law first published in The Savoy, November 1896; a regular edition of this book appeared in 1904[2]
  • 1897 – The Secret Rose, fiction[2]
  • 1899The Wind Among the Reeds, including "Song of the Old Mother"


  • 1900The Shadowy Waters, poems[2]
  • 1902Cathleen Ní Houlihan, play[2]
  • 1903 – Ideas of Good and Evil, nonfiction[2]
  • 1903In the Seven Woods, poems,[2] includes "Adam's Curse" (Dun Emer Press)
  • 1903Where There is Nothing, play[2]
  • 1903 – The Hour Glass, play, copyright edition (see also 1904 edition)[2]
  • 1904The Hour-Glass; Cathleen ni Houlihan; The Pot of Broth, plays[2]
  • 1904The King's Threshold; and On Baile's Strand[2]
  • 1904The Tables of the Law; The Adoration of the Magi, a privately printed edition appeared in 1897[2]
  • 1905Stories of Red Hanrahan, published in 1905 by the Dun Emer Press, although the book states the year of publication was 1904; contains stories from The Secret Rose (1897) rewritten with Lady Gregory; another edition was published in 1927[2]
  • 1906Poems, 1899 –1905, verse and plays[2]
  • 1907Deirdre[2]
  • 1907Discoveries, nonfiction[2]



  • 1920 – The Second Coming
  • 1921Michael Robartes and the Dancer, poems; published in February, although book itself states "1920"[2]
  • 1921Four Plays for Dancers, plays; includes contents of Two Plays for Dancers, published in 1919, together with At the Hawk's Well and Calvary[2]
  • 1921 – Four Years
  • 1922Later Poems[2]
  • 1922The Player Queen, play[2]
  • 1922 – Plays in Prose and Verse, plays[2]
  • 1922 – The Trembling of the Veil[2]
  • 1922 – Seven Poems and a Fragment[4]
  • 1923Plays and Controversies[2]
  • 1924The Cat and the Moon, and Certain Poems, poems and drama[2]
  • 1924 – Essays[2]
  • 1925 – A Vision A, nonfiction, a much revised edition appeared in 1937, and a final revised edition was published in 1956[2]
  • 1926 – Estrangement
  • 1926 – Autobiographies of William Butler Yeats, nonfiction; see also, Autobiography 1938[2]
  • 1927October Blast[2]
  • 1927Stories of Red Hanrahan and the Secret Rose, poetry and fiction[2]
  • 1927 – The Resurrection, a short play first performed in 1934
  • 1928The Tower, includes Sailing to Byzantium[2]
  • 1928 – The Death of Synge, and Other Passages from an Old Diary, poems[2]
  • 1928 – Sophocles' King Oedipus: a version for the modern stage
  • 1929A Packet for Ezra Pound, poems[2]
  • 1929 – The Winding Stair published by Fountain Press in a signed limited edition, now exceedingly rare


  • 1932Words for Music Perhaps, and Other Poems[2]
  • 1933Collected Poems[2]
  • 1933 – The Winding Stair and Other Poems[2]
  • 1934Collected Plays[2]
  • 1934The King of the Great Clock Tower, poems[2]
  • 1934 – Wheels and Butterflies, drama[2]
  • 1934 – The Words Upon the Window Pane, drama[2]
  • 1935Dramatis Personae[2]
  • 1935A Full Moon in March, poems[2]
  • 1937A Vision B, nonfiction, a much revised edition of the original, which appeared in 1925; reissued with minor changes in 1956, and with further changes in 1962[2]
  • 1937Essays 1931 to 1936[2]
  • 1937 – Broadsides: New Irish & English Songs, edited by Yeats and Dorothy Wellesley [5]
  • 1938Autobiography, includes Reveries over Childhood and Youth (published in 1914), The Trembling of the Veil (1922), Dramatis Personae (1935), The Death of Synge (1928), and other pieces; see also Autobiographies (1926)[2]
  • 1938 – The Herne's Egg, drama[2]
  • 1938New Poems[2]
  • 1939Last Poems and Two Plays poems and drama (posthumous)[2]
  • 1939 – On the Boiler, essays, poems and a play (posthumous)[2]


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