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Volvo B7RLE
A Volvo 8400-bodied B7RLE in service in Kochi, India.
Manufacturer Volvo Buses
Production 2001–present
Body and chassis
Doors 1, 2 or 3 sets of doors
Floor type Low entry
Engine Volvo D7C/D7E
Capacity 31 to 50 seated
Power output 250hp, 275hp, 290hp
Transmission Voith DIWA 864.3E/D864.5
Volvo I-Shift
ZF Ecomat/EcoLife
Length various from 10.0m to 12.0m
Width 2.5m
Height 3.0m
Predecessor Volvo B10BLE
Successor Volvo B8RLE (European market)

Volvo B7RLE is a low-entry single-decker bus chassis manufactured by Volvo Buses since 2001. In markets where the Euro VI emission requirements are enforced, it was replaced by the B8RLE in 2013 in some markets.


B7RLE is similar to its predecessor, the B10BLE. In essence the B7RLE is the front section of the B7L chassis mated with the rear section of the B7R chassis. Originally, the B7RLE featured the D7C 6-cylinder, 7.3-litre diesel engine with a turbocharger and intercooler, producing 250 or 275 bhp and meeting the Euro III incentive emission standard. This was replaced by the 7.1-litre Volvo D7E engine producing 290 bhp, to Euro IV/Euro V/Euro III incentive emission standards. Unlike the B7L, the B7RLE's engine is mounted at the center of the rear overhang as opposed to the nearside, resolving the issue of engine intrusion into the saloon. The Volvo B7RLE is also equipped with disc brakes and ABS.


Wright Eclipse bodied B7RLE with FirstGroup in Manchester.
Volvo B7RLE with Volgren Optimus bodywork
SBS Transit's Volvo B7RLE Demonstrator
Volvo B7RLE Hungarian version in Budapest
Kowloon Motor Bus Volvo B7RLE seen on route 87K
Chiayi Bus Co.LTD,Chiayi-Baihe-Guanziling Route, Volvo B7RLE bus 508-FM at the platform 15 of the Transit Center of Chiayi City(Originally used on Chiayi Bus Rapid Transit (Chiayi BRT) in 2007

B7RLE was launched in mainland Europe and Australia in 2001, and then in the United Kingdom in 2003 to supplement the B7L single-decker, which was unsuccessful in both countries. The B7RLE appealed more to UK operators, with whom the B7L was unpopular and has sold well compared to its predecessor. UK operators of the B7RLE include Arriva, FirstGroup, East Yorkshire Motor Services, Blazefield Group, Rosso, Wilts & Dorset, Warrington Borough Transport and Go North East, Lothian Buses and National Express West Midlands. Initially the B7RLE was only available in the UK with Wright Eclipse Urban bodywork. Since 2004 it has also been used as a low-floor single-decker coach, with a longer front overhang and Wright Eclipse Commuter body. From late 2006 the B7RLE in the UK is available with Plaxton Centro bodywork followed by Alexander Dennis Enviro300 and Optare Esteem bodywork in 2008.

The B7RLE can also be found in many other countries, including most European countries, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Greece and Taiwan. However, many of these buses use local bodywork.[citation needed]


The bus uses Bustech, Custom Coach and Volgren bodywork, designed and built in Australia. In June 2011 Mercedes-Benz lost the contract with Transperth and Volvo won. All of the Volvos in the Transperth fleet have Volgren bodywork. The earlier B7RLEs featured the Volgren CR228L body, the later models feature the Volgren Optimus body. All Transperth Volvo B7RLEs have McConnell urban seats and are air-conditioned by the Thermo King Citi-RT.

Mainland China

B7RLE is one of the very few foreign bus chassis models in Mainland China, all bodied by Shanghai Sunwin Bus, with assembly model numbers SWB6120V4LE (Euro III) and SWB6120V6LE (Euro IV), which is very common on Shanghai streets.

Hong Kong

In 2003, Huangbus (Lok Ma Chau - Huanggang shuttle bus service) purchased five B7RLEs with Jit Luen JL-08 bodies and D7E-290 7142cc engines. Kowloon Motor Bus ordered 40 B7RLEs with MCV Evolution bodies in 2009 to replace the aging Dennis Lances and earliest batch of Dennis Darts (AA3-7,9-22), followed by another 30 in the same year to replace some of the aging Dennis Darts (AA23-42) as well as Mitsubishi MK217 buses, and named with fleet code "AVC".

All 70 AVCs has put in service in 2012, and these buses are mainly deployed on short distance routes such as 7M, 16M, 34M, 270, 273 or routes with very low ridership such as 72A, 74A. Some among AVC fleet were turned into training buses.


In Taiwan, B7RLEs were first introduced on Chiayi Bus Rapid Transit (Chiayi BRT) in 2007. All B7RLEs in Taiwan that were manufactured between 2007 and 2012 featured Tang Eng Iron Works bodywork, whereas those manufactured after 2013 featured Daji bodywork.


In India, B7RLEs were introduced into service in Bangalore in 2006 by BMTC. The B7RLEs are also operated by MTC and TNSTC in Chennai and Pondicherry, KSRTC in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram and in 2014 KURTC started using B7RLEs for their Town To Town services all over Kerala state. They were later inducted into the fleets of NMMT, and BEST for use in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai respectively. Custom made B7RLE chassis are assembled at Volvo's factory outside Bangalore. The dual-doored versions were orperated by WBTC in Kolkata. B7RLEs are also operated by ASTC in Assam state.


The bodywork adopted by Malaysia's B7RLE, operated by Kuala Lumpur-based bus operator RapidKL as a wheelchair accessible bus (WAB), features a more radical design by Gemilang Coachworks.


Some Volvo B7RLEs also operate in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is the first wheelchair-accessible bus (WAB) in Indonesia fitted with a Euro IV engine.


The Philippines has B7RLEs running in Cebu City, operated by Metro Rapid Transport System Inc., the owner of MyBus. Starting July 2016, RRCG Transport launches "P2P (Point-to-Point) Premium Bus Service" for Alabang Town Center to Greenbelt 1, serving 3 units for King Long XMQ6127G with Sunwin SWB6128 front and rear mask, built by the Philippine-based Autodelta Coach Builders, Inc.


Singapore has B7RLEs running in Sentosa featuring Liannex bodies, either in a city bus configuration for its internal shuttles, or as open-top double-decker buses. A Euro IV demonstrator featuring Soon Chow bodywork was offered to SBS Transit (initially meant for a one-year trial) in December 2007, registered as SBS8030L, and is under Hougang Depot as a training bus currently.


Israel has running Volvo B7RLEs With Merkavim Pioneer Bodywork in Metropoline bus company. Some bus companies own Volvo B7RLEs with USB sockets, WiFi and Real time and it is the first country to use 2009 buses with a new ZF EcoLife transmission

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