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Virginia Law Review  
Va. Law Rev.
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Discipline Law, jurisprudence
Language English
Edited by Danielle C. Desaulniers (2016-2017)
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The Virginia Law Review Association (United States)
Publication history
Frequency 8/year
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ISSN 0042-6601
LCCN 15013781
OCLC no. 470189621
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The Virginia Law Review is a law review edited and published by students at University of Virginia School of Law. It was established on March 15, 1913, and permanently organized later that year.[1] The stated objective of the Virginia Law Review is "to publish a professional periodical devoted to law-related issues that can be of use to judges, practitioners, teachers, legislators, students, and others interested in the law."[1] In addition to articles, the journal regularly publishes scholarly essays and student notes. A companion online publication, Virginia Law Review Online (formerly In Brief), has been in publication since 2007. The current editor-in-chief is Daniel Richardson (2017–2018).

The Virginia Law Review consistently ranks among the top ten most cited law journals.[2] In addition, it is accessible on electronic databases such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, and HeinOnline.

Notable articles

The following articles published in the Virginia Law Review are among "The Most-Cited Law Review Articles of All Time":[3]

  • Wilkinson, J. Harvie (2009). "Of Guns, Abortions, and the Unraveling Rule of Law" (PDF). Virginia Law Review. 95 (2): 253–323. 
  • Bebchuk, Lucian A. (2007). "The Myth of the Shareholder Franchise" (PDF). Virginia Law Review. 93 (2): 675–732. 
  • Sunstein, Cass R. (2006). "Chevron Step Zero" (PDF). Virginia Law Review. 92 (2): 187–249. 
  • Burk, Dan L.; Lemley, Mark A. (2003). "Policy Levers in Patent Law". Virginia Law Review. 89 (7): 1575–1696. doi:10.2307/3202360. 
  • Blair, Margaret M.; Stout, Lynn A. (1999). "A Team Production Theory of Corporate Law". Virginia Law Review. 85 (2): 247–328. doi:10.2307/1073662. 
  • Kahan, Dan (1997). "Social Influence, Social Meaning, and Deterrence". Virginia Law Review. 83 (2): 349–395. doi:10.2307/1073780. 
  • Thompson, William; Ford, Simon (1989). "DNA Typing: Acceptance and Weight of the New Genetic Identification Tests". Virginia Law Review. 75 (3): 45– 108. doi:10.2307/1073218. JSTOR 1073218. 
  • Bartlett, Katharine T. (1984). "Rethinking Parenthood as an Exclusive Status: The Need for Legal Alternatives When the Premise of the Nuclear Family Has Failed". Virginia Law Review. 70 (5): 879–963. doi:10.2307/1072945. 
  • Gilson, Ronald J.; Kraakman, Reinier H. (1984). "The Mechanisms of Market Efficiency". Virginia Law Review. 70 (4): 549–644. doi:10.2307/1073080. 
  • Summers, Clyde W. (1976). "Individual Protection Against Unjust Dismissal: Time for a Statute". Virginia Law Review. 62 (3): 481–532. doi:10.2307/1072376. 


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