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Vice President of the Republic of Abkhazia
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Vitali Gabnia

since 25 September 2014
Residence Sukhumi
Term length 5 years
Inaugural holder Valery Arshba
Formation 26 November 1994
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The Vice President of the Abkhaz Republic, an partially recognized state, internationally regarded as a part of Georgia, is the first in the presidential line of succession, becoming the new President of Abkhazia upon the death, resignation, or removal of the President. Additionally, the Vice President would assume the presidency in case the President becomes incapable of carrying out the presidential duties.


According to the article 54 of the Constitution of Abkhazia, a citizen of Abkhazia, no younger than 35 years old and no older than 65 years old, who is in possession of suffrage, may be elected Vice President. The Vice President shall not be member of the Parliament, or hold any other offices in state or public bodies as well as in businesses.


The Vice President is elected simultaneously with the President. A candidate for Vice President is nominated by a candidate for President.


The Vice-President executes individual assignments on a commission of the President and acts for the President in his absence or in case when it is impossible for the President to attend to his duties.

List of Vice Presidents of Abkhazia

On 25 December 2013, Mikhail Logua announced his resignation as Vice President for health reasons.[1]

Tenure President
Took Office Left Office
1 Valery Arshba
5 January 1995 12 February 2005 Vladislav Ardzinba
2 Raul Khadjimba
14 February 2005 28 May 2009 Sergei Bagapsh
Vacant 28 May 2009 12 February 2010
3 Alexander Ankvab
12 February 2010 [2] 29 May 2011
Vacant 29 May 2011 26 September 2011 Alexander Ankvab
4 Mikhail Logua
26 September 2011 25 December 2013
Vacant 25 December 2013 1 June 2014
1 June 2014 25 September 2014 Valeri Bganba
5 Vitali Gabnia 25 September 2014 Incumbent Raul Khadjimba

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