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Vehicle registration plates in Denmark normally have two letters and five digits and are issued by authorities. Plates can be obtained at authorized car dealers, vehicle inspection stations or official registration centers (Skat Motor center) The combination is simply a serial and has no connection with a geographic location, but the digits have number series based on vehicle type.[1][2]

Danish license plates do not follow the owner or the vehicle, when a car is sold the plates are turned in and the new owner must apply for new plates. Exception is from this rule when a car is sold privately from one person to another person, the new owner can use the current plates that are on the car.

Numbering before 2012

[3] [4]

On the number combination one can see the type of a vehicle:

Vehicle type Serial range Highest assigned serial letters
(without EU stripe)[5]
Highest assigned serial letters
(with EU stripe)[5]
Large mopeds (max 45 kmh) 001 - 699 RV
Tractors 700 - 999 VU DF
Trailers 10 00 - 29 99 YM EF
Trailers and semi-trailers 55 00 - 99 99 PZ HF
Small mopeds 5 500 - 9 999 XY
Motorcycles 10 000 - 18 999 HT AW
Tractors 19 000 - 19 499 ML EG
Common vehicles (rectangular format) 20 000 - 59 999 FC JF
Common vehicles (square format) 60 000 - 75 999 DT AF
Diplomatenfahrzeuge 76 000 - 76 999 AX AF
Diplomatic vehicles 77 000 - 77 999 AN AF
Trucks, buses, vans (rectangular format) 78 000 - 87 999 DH, privat: GA AF, privat: FA
Trucks, buses, vans (square format) 88 000 - 97 999 XS, privat: GE DG, privat: FK
Taxis (rectangular format) 98 000 - 99 699 JH BF
Taxis (square format) 99 700 - 99 999 BN AW


Type Appearance Additional explanation
Private use
DK common license plate 1976.svg
DK common license plate 2009.svg
The grey stripe in these images represents the security hologram fitted to all new plates. Registration tax: Up to 150% of car value.
Commercial use
DK van plate 2008.svg
DK van plate 2009.svg
Registration tax: normal VAT rate only. Rear seats not allowed.
DK parrot license plate 2008.svg
DK parrot license plate 2009.svg
Commercial vehicles that can also be used privately (this to make sure that nobody uses tax relieved vans (yellow plates) for personal use). Registration tax: around 50% of car value. Rear seats not allowed.
Diplomatic use

Denmark diplomatic license plate 1976 DD 12 312.svg

Blue plates with white text. The same format as the (old) format for private vehicles. EU strip and hologram now on all new plates.
Historical Black background, white text Style used before 1976. For historical/antique vehicles, available upon special request. Plates representing 1950-1958 use only one prefix letter, with the letter corresponding to a Danish city or country.
Armed forces Danish armed forces licenseplates.jpg (top-down): Army, Navy, Air Force, and the newer symbol common to all three branches.
Royal Danmark Royal licenseplate.JPG The Queen's personal car used for official occasions only features a royal crown on a white background.
DEMA BRS nummerplade cropped.jpg -
"Fixed" temporary plate FastPrøveskiltNonEU.svg For the special use of vehicle manufacturers, importers, distributors or car repairers[6]
Vanity plates
Danmark licenseplate own made.JPG
These plates cost 6200 DKK per set as of 2006. 26 Roman letters, numbers and the Danish letters Æ, Ø and Å can be used in combination. The EU strip can be chosen optionally.
Ambulances and fire trucks
Helsingør Denmark firetruck license plate V2.jpg
DK ambulance license plate A8.jpg
These plates employ the insignia of the local fire brigade between the serials; this insignia often features a version the local coat of arms

Hearses are registered as yellow-plate cars (commercial use). The actual plates are, however, white (personal use), reflecting the view that the deceased is a passenger rather than commercial freight.

EU plates

The EU stripe of Denmark
Oval DK sign

A new design with an EU stripe was expected in 2008, but was thereafter delayed to 12 October 2009.[7] This makes Denmark potentially the last EU country to adopt euro plates (Vehicle registration plates of Europe). The EU stripe is, however, currently optional.[7] In preparation for the new design, the plate font was slightly condensed on some new plates issued after mid-2008. Since July 2009, buyers of a car could pick a license plate with or without an EU strip.[8]

If a Danish registered vehicle does not have the plate with the EU stripe then it must be equipped with an approved oval DK-sign when driving abroad. If one drives both with a car and a caravan/trailer, both must bear the label. The sign shall be elliptical (oval) 175×115 mm, white background with black lettering. The letters must be 80 mm in height, the distance between them shall be 10 mm, and there shall be no advertising.[9]

Faroe Islands

Faroese plate issued before 1996.
Faroese plate issued since 1996.

Cars registered in the Faroe Islands before 1996 have plates with white background, black text in Danish style, but with only one letter, F.

Cars registered after 1996 have white background, blue text in their own style, two letters and three digits. There is a blue stripe to the left with the Faroese flag and the code "FO". The Faroe Islands are outside the EU.


Plates have a white background, and black text in Danish style with the serial letters "GR" reserved for Greenland. The EU stripe is not applicable since Greenland is a non-EU member.


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