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Cypriot standard number plates
Current format since 2014 (front and rear side)
2004–2013 (rear side)
1990–2004 (rear side)
1973–1990 (rear side)

The vehicle registration plates of Cyprus are composed of three letters and three digits (e.g. ABC 123). A simple incremental numbering system is used; numbers run from 001 to 999 per letter sequence (alphabetic), so that, for example, the plate to be issued after MAA 999 would be MAB 001. However, registrants may be allowed to choose a number from available numbers in the extant letter sequence.

The exact permitted dimensions of Cyprus plates were similar to their British counterparts, and until 2004, characters were printed in black and in the same typeface as used on British plates. Plates from 2004 onwards are made of metal; between 1973 and 2004, they were made of plastic.

A new law on vehicle registration plates came into force on 3 June 2013, altering the design. Plates made before that date are white on the front of the vehicle and yellow on the rear, whereas new plates are white both on the front and the rear and, in addition, carry the month and year the vehicle was first registered in any country. Replacing old plates with new ones has been made mandatory for motorcycles, taxis and lorries.[1] Taxi plates are yellow on both sides and rental car plates are red on both sides, but no longer carry the T and Z prefix, respectively.

Following Cyprus' entry to the European Union in 2004, plates produced since have a blue band on the left edge with the Union's circle and stars in the top half and the country's international vehicle registration code (CY) in the bottom half and using FE-Schrift as the typeface after 2013, replacing the DIN 1451 typeface previously in use as mandatory.

Style and numbering

Special plates

Other Cypriot number plates
Temporary plates (month and year in red right margin)
Rental car plates (initial Z omitted after June 2013)
Diplomatic plates (Corps Diplomatique; Dutch ambassador's front side pictured)
Test drive (car dealer) plates
Akrotiri and Dhekelia plates (front side)
UNFICYP plates
The presidential car's plates, bearing the coat of arms of Cyprus

Car dealer plates


DL 123


ΔΟΚΙΜΗ 123-456

Red font ΔΟΚΙΜΗ ("test") on white plate followed by two sets of numerals, the first being the number of the dealer and the second the number of the plate. The only officially-made plates in Cyprus. Formerly, they are same format as the civilian vehicles, but uses the code "DL" and red letters instead of black.










Composed of three letters and three numbers (e.g. ABC123) with a yellow background. Initial T prefix were omitted after 2013.

Rental cars







Composed of three letters and three numbers (e.g. ABC123) with dark red background. Initial Z prefix were omitted after 2013.

Lorry/truck trailers


Composed of up to five numbers and ends with CT.



Up to four numbers followed by the letter V followed by two numbers indicating the year of registration (e.g. 1234V03). After 2004, you cannot register a car as visitor, but visitor cars registered before 2004 can still get road tax.

Trucks and buses


Public service trucks and buses have beside the registration plate a secondary plate (like the Spanish SP plate). ΦΔΧ - Φορτηγό Δημοσίας Χρήσης (public service truck) for trucks and ΛΔΧ - Λεωφορείο Δημοσίας Χρήσης (public service bus) for buses.


Temporary registrations are similar to civilian vehicle registration plates except with addition of year band in the right. Top number denotes the month while bottom one denotes the year.

Diplomatic plates







Composed with two number which country is registered to, followed by CD and two numbers. Previously used same format as civilian vehicles, but it is on green plate with addition of CD.


Other plates

UN 123
UNF 123

UNFICYP plates are on blue background and with prefix "UN" or "UNF" followed by three numbers.[2]


Sovereign Base Areas plates are prefixed "SBAA" followed by two digits, and have adopted the same new colour and typeface as the Republic of Cyprus.[3]

Cypriot National Guard plates uses prefix ΕΦ followed by four digits.

President's car does not have number on its plate, and bears the coat of arms of Cyprus instead.


On 1973 until 1990, export plates used code "E" with four numbers.

Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus plate.

Northern Cyprus civilian number plates follow the old format of Cyprus license plates on 1973–1990. Front plates are white, rear plates are yellow, both bordered in red. Two sizes are available: 15×30 or 11×52 cm. The plates were issued in 1983.

Style and numbering

AB 123  (front)
AB 123  (rear)

Special plates


TAB 123

Taxi plates are prefixed with T, followed by two letter and three digits, formerly one letter only.

Rental vehicles

ZAB 123

Rental car plates are red with black writing with the prefix Z, followed by two letters and three digits.


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus police license plate.jpg
RHA 1234
RHA 1234

Government vehicles (those belonging to the government and the council) are 3 letters and 3 or 4 numbers long, always beginning with RHA. Police and Fire Brigade plates follows the format of Government license plates with inversed color.



The armed forces' vehicles are numerical, on a small numberplate, such as 8012352.

Diplomatic plates

CDAB 123

Diplomatic vehicles are in the same format as civilian vehicles, only on a green plate and addition of CD before the letters. Consulates follow the same format but uses CC instead of CD.


ZZ 123

Visitor plates are similar with the civilian vehicles, except with prefix ZZ and blue letters. Since 2004 they are no longer issued.


ZT 123 A

Temporary follows the format of the civilian vehicles except with ZT prefix and blue letters, with addition of the prefix in after numbers.[4]



Previously, the presidential plate had no serial numbers but just the abbreviation of KKTCB (Turkish: Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti Başkanı) However, this was changed in 2015, with the coat of arms being displayed in gold on a red plate.[5]


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