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Vasada (Ancient Greek: Οὐάσαδα, Ouasada) was an city of ancient Lycaonia and later of Isauria, Asia Minor (modern Turkey). It was located a little to the southwest of Laodiceia.[1][2] In the acta of church councils attended by its bishop, the name appears variously as Usada or Ousada (Οὔσαδα) or Aasada (Ἀάσαδα).[3]

Its site is located near Bostandere, Asiatic Turkey.[4][5]

Residential see

Vasada, identified with the ruins on Mount Kestel Dağ near modern Seydişehir, was important enough in the Roman province of Lycaonia to become a suffragan of the Metropolis of Iconium, under the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

These bishops were historically documented :

Catholic titular see

The diocese was nominally restored in 1929 by the Roman Catholic Church as the titular bishopric of Vasada.

It is vacant since decades, having had the following incumbents:


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Coordinates: 37°30′07″N 31°54′42″E / 37.5020749°N 31.9117536°E / 37.5020749; 31.9117536

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