Varamin railway station

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Varamin Railway Station
ايستگاه راه آهن ورامین
Location Varamin, Varamin, Tehran
Coordinates 35°20′06″N 51°38′43″E / 35.3350657°N 51.6451486°E / 35.3350657; 51.6451486Coordinates: 35°20′06″N 51°38′43″E / 35.3350657°N 51.6451486°E / 35.3350657; 51.6451486

Varamin railway station (Persian:ايستگاه راه آهن ورامین, Istgah-e Rah Ahan-e Varamin) is located in Varamin, Tehran Province. The station is owned by IRI Railway.

Service summary

Note: Classifications are unofficial and only to best reflect the type of service offered on each path
Meaning of Classifications:

  • Local Service: Services originating from a major city, and running outwards, with stops at all stations
  • Regional Service: Services connecting two major centres, with stops at almost all stations
  • InterRegio Service: Services connecting two major centres, with stops at major and some minor stations
  • InterRegio-Express Service:Services connecting two major centres, with stops at major stations
  • InterCity Service: Services connecting two (or more) major centres, with no stops in between, with the sole purpose of connecting said centres.
Preceding station   Tehran Commuter Railway   Following station
toward Tehran
Tehran - Pishva - Garmsar
Preceding station   IRI Railway   Following station
Tehran - Gorgan
Regional Service
toward Gorgan
Tehran - Mashhad
Regional Service
toward Mashhad
Tehran - Mashhad
InterRegio Service
toward Mashhad
Tehran - Semnan
InterRegio Service
toward Semnan
Tehran - Tabas
InterRegio Service
toward Tabas



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