Val-d'Oise's 1st constituency by-election, 2018

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Val-d'Oise's 1st constituency by-election, 2018
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4 February 2018 (second round)
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Nominee Isabelle Muller-Quoy Antoine Savignat Stéphane Capdet

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Nominee Leïla Saïb Sandra Nguyen-Derosier Bénédicte Ariès

Incumbent deputy


A by-election will be held in Val-d'Oise's 1st constituency on 28 January 2018, with a second round on 4 February if no candidate secures a majority of votes in the first round. The by-election was called due to the invalidation of the election of Isabelle Muller-Quoy, candidate of La République En Marche! (REM), in the June 2017 legislative elections by the Constitutional Council on 16 November 2017. It will be the first legislative by-election held during the 15th National Assembly.


On 14 November 2017, the Constitutional Council heard an appeal regarding the 2017 legislative elections within Val-d'Oise's 1st constituency by the three main defeated candidates, Antoine Savignat of The Republicans (LR), Denise Cornet of the National Front (FN), and Leïla Saïb of La France Insoumise (FI), who argued that the election should be invalidated because Michel Alexeef, selected as an alternate to elected deputy Isabelle Muller-Quoy of La République En Marche! (REM), previously served as a president of an employment tribunal within the constituency from January 2016 to January 2017, rendering him ineligible to run in a legislative election under the electoral code.[1]

The Constitutional Council annulled the election of Muller-Quoy on 16 November 2017 under article L.O. 132 of the electoral code, and a by-election will subsequently be held in the constituency in 2018 to fill the vacant seat.[2] The legislative by-election will be the first to be held since the election of Emmanuel Macron, and the first to be contested by a REM candidate.[3]

Since the 2017 legislative elections, the Constitutional Council received 298 appeals within 122 constituencies; since 21 July, 242 of these were rejected, with another forty cases outstanding when the result in Val-d'Oise was annulled.[3]


On 14 December 2017, the by-election was scheduled for 28 January 2018, with a second round on 4 February should no candidate secure a majority of votes in the first round; candidates are required to file between 2 and 5 January.[4] As of 17 December 2017, Isabelle Muller-Quoy declared her candidacy for La République En Marche!, Antoine Savignat for The Republicans, Stéphane Capdet for the National Front, Leïla Saïb for La France Insoumise, Sandra Nguyen-Derosier for the Socialist Party (PS), Bénédicte Ariès for Europe Ecology – The Greens (EELV), Hélène Halbin for Lutte Ouvrière (LO), and Denise Cornet for The Patriots (LP).[5] In addition, Huguette François of the Party of France (PDF), previously invested in June as part of a far-right electoral alliance, miscellaneous right candidate Jean-Paul Nowak, Christophe Hayes of the Popular Republican Union (UPR), and Brigitte Poli of the French Communist Party (PCF) also filed to run.[6]

On 9 January 2018, the Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI) announced its support for Savignat, whose alternate, Nathalie Groux, is an elected member of the UDI.[7] Prime Minister Édouard Philippe will visit the constituency on 25 January to support Muller-Quoy's candidacy.[8]

2017 election result

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Isabelle Muller-Quoy REM 13,817 35.93 15,400 54.23
Antoine Savignat LR 6,827 17.75 12,996 45.77
Denise Cornet FN 5,886 15.31
Leïla Saïb FI 3,895 10.13
Sandra Nguyen-Derosier PS 2,107 5.48
Bénédicte Ariès EELV 1,486 3.86
Brigitte Poli PCF 988 2.57
Albert Lapeyre LT 839 2.18
Michel Boisnault 577–LI 719 1.87
Huguette François UDP 491 1.28
Lionel Mabille UPR 374 0.97
Thierry Sallantin AEI 321 0.83
Hélène Halbin LO 304 0.79
Brigitte Gilibert SIEL 300 0.78
Mistafa Fanouni DIV 94 0.24
Katia Lebaillif PVB 2 0.01
Élisabeth Gaucher R&PS 2 0.01
Rudy Bruyelle DIV 0 0.00
Anne-Sophie Vuillemin PCD 0 0.00
Votes 38,452 100.00 28,396 100.00
Valid votes 38,452 98.04 28,396 87.92
Blank votes 599 1.53 3,066 9.49
Null votes 168 0.43 837 2.59
Turnout 39,219 48.09 32,299 39.61
Abstentions 42,328 51.91 49,250 60.39
Registered voters 81,547 81,549
Source: Ministry of the Interior, political parties

2018 by-election result

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Huguette François PDF
Isabelle Muller-Quoy REM
Sandra Nguyen-Derosier PS
Christophe Hayes UPR
Denise Cornet LP
Jean-Paul Nowak DVD
Hélène Halbin LO
Stéphane Capdet FN
Bénédicte Ariès EELV
Brigitte Poli PCF
Leïla Saïb FI
Antoine Savignat LRUDI
Valid votes
Blank votes
Null votes
Registered voters
Source: Prefect of Val-d'Oise


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