Uzana of Pagan

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Sithu III
King of Burma
Reign c. May 1251– May 1256
Predecessor Kyaswa
Successor Narathihapate
Chief Minister Yazathingyan
Born 23 February 1213
Saturday, 3rd waxing of Late Tagu 574 ME
Pagan (Bagan)
Died before 6 May 1256[1] (aged 43)
before Saturday, 12th waxing of Nayon 618 ME
Consort Thonlula[2]
Issue Thihathu
Regnal name
Śrī Tribhuvanāditya Dhammarājajayasūra
House Pagan
Father Kyaswa (or Naratheinga Uzana)[note 1]
Mother Saw Min Waing
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Uzana (Burmese: ဥဇနာ, pronounced [ʔṵzənà]; also known as Sithu III;[2] 1213–1256) was king of Pagan dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from 1251 to 1256.[4] He assumed the regnal name "Śrī Tribhuvanāditya Dhammarājajayasūra" (ၐြီတြိဘုဝနာဒိတျဓမ္မရာဇဇယသူရ).[5]

Although his actual reign lasted only five years, Uzana was essentially the power behind the throne during his predecessor Kyaswa's reign, 1235–1251. Kyaswa, a devout Buddhist and scholar, had given Uzana full royal authority to govern the kingdom to the business of governing the country.[6] However Uzana reportedly cared more about chasing elephants, and drinking liquor than governing during his father's or his reign. As king, he left the task of governing to his chief minister Yazathingyan. The king was accidentally killed at Dala (modern Twante) in May 1256 while hunting elephants.[2][7]

His death was followed by a brief power struggle for the throne. His eldest son, Thihathu, claimed the throne but was pushed aside by the court led by Yazathingyan, who placed the other son by a concubine, Narathihapate, on the throne by November 1256.[8]


The table below lists the dates given by the four main chronicles.[9]

Chronicles Birth–Death Age Reign Length of reign
Zatadawbon Yazawin (List of monarchs section)[10] 1214–1254 40 1249–1254 5
Zatadawbon Yazawin (Royal horoscopes section)[11] 23 February 1213 – 1254 41 1251–1254 3
Maha Yazawin 1216–1240 38 1234–1240 6
Yazawin Thit and Hmannan Yazawin 1218–1255 37 1250–1255 5

According to inscriptional evidence, he died a few days before 6 May 1256 when the Pagan selected his younger son by a concubine Narathihapate as the next king.[1][note 2]


  1. ^ Chronicles (Hmannan Vol. 1 2003: 334) say that he was a son of Kyaswa. But (Than Tun 1964: 134) citing inscriptional evidence says that Uzana was a son of Naratheinga Uzana, by his second wife Hpwa Saw. Naratheinga was an elder brother of Kyaswa.
  2. ^ It would have taken at least a couple of days for the news of the king's death in Dala (modern Yangon) to reach Pagan (515 km north).


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Uzana of Pagan
Born: 23 February 1213 Died: c. 6 May 1256
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Burma
Succeeded by
Royal titles
Preceded by
Heir to the Burmese Throne
Succeeded by
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