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Ust-Kut Airport
Аэропорт Усть-Кут
Аэропорт усть-кут.jpg
Airport type Public
Operator JSC «Aeroport Ust-Kut»
Serves Ust-Kut
Location Ust-Kut. Russia
Elevation AMSL 2,188 ft / 667 m
Coordinates 56°51′24″N 105°43′48″E / 56.85667°N 105.73000°E / 56.85667; 105.73000Coordinates: 56°51′24″N 105°43′48″E / 56.85667°N 105.73000°E / 56.85667; 105.73000
UKX is located in Irkutsk Oblast
Direction Length Surface
ft m
12/30 6,562 2,000 Concrete
Statistics (2010)
Passengers 24,291 (Increase 273%)
Aircraft movements 2,461 (Increase 110%)
Servicing of cargo 664 tons (Increase 100%)
Sources: RU [1]

Ust-Kut (IATA: UKX, ICAO: UITT) is an airport in Irkutsk Oblast, Russia located 9 km north of Ust-Kut. It services small and medium-range airliners. The main regular destination is Irkutsk. Principal owner of the airport - JSC "UTair Aviation" (76.66% of shares). In the future, it will be converted into the main base of UTair Aviation in Eastern Siberia.

Future expansion

The company "UTair Aviation" in 2007, becoming the controlling shareholder of the airport, announced its intention to build a new airport terminal and lengthen the runway to make a first-class aircraft.[2] The company has adopted a plan of the airport reconstruction in 2009-2015, involving: artificial reconstruction of the runway for the reception at the airport in Ust-Kut aircraft Tupolev Tu-154 and other aircraft first-class; reconstruction of the airport and bring its capacity up to 150 people per hour; replacement of obsolete equipment and special vehicles.

In a subsequent plan to build a new parking lot for the Tupolev Tu-154, the new premises rescue station and replace the light-signaling equipment means aircraft landing.[3]

Reconstruction plan for the airport is included in the federal program of revival of significant airports, but in 2009 the airport "Ust-Kut" is "not necessarily important for the partners." Despite this, according to the General Director of JSC "Ust-Kut Airport" by Yuri Samorokov, it is expected that full-scale reconstruction would still be carried out in 2015.

Economic prospects are directly linked to the prospects of development of large oilfields (Verkhnechonskoye, Yarakta, Dulisminskoye, Talakan, etc.) and operation of Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline.

Airlines and destinations

Airlines Destinations
Angara Airlines Irkutsk
IrAero Irkutsk
Turukhan Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk-Cheremshanka

Transport to and from Ust-Kut

Drive to the airport by car from crossing the bypass road and Nekrasov street. In front of the terminal is free and paid (secure) parking.

Technical characteristics

Airport "Ust-Kut" is the third (after the Irkutsk and Bratsk) the size of the airport of regional significance in the Irkutsk Oblast. Included in the Osetrovo-Lena hub, provides cargo and passenger flights to the north of the Irkutsk Oblast, Yakutia, as well as the regional center - Irkutsk.

Dimensions of Runway 12/30: 2000 x 45 meters runway concrete. Central series of the runway has a classification number covering 39/R/A/X/T; extreme series - 30/R/A/X/T.
Runway threshold 300: 56°51'12.48"N, 105°44'42.84"E
Threshold 120: 56°51'41.52"N, 105°42'56.94"E
There are two taxiways (taxiway-1 - concrete covering, asphalt; taxiway-2 - compacted soil / snow).

Покрытие ВПП аэродром Усть-Кут.jpg

Посадка ан-24 УК.JPG
Airport complex: Airport terminal (requires reconstruction) - 50 pass / hr
Refueling complex (owned by LLC "Aerofuels Ust-Kut")

Air traffic control provides Ust-Kut Department "Air Navigation of Eastern Siberia" FSUE Unitary enterprise "State ATM Corporation".
Monitoring weather and meteoconsultation ANO "Irkutsk Meteoagency"

Radio-flight support

The operating frequencies of the airfield
Ust-Kut Tower 118.3 MHz
Ust-Kut rayon (VHF) 120.8 MHz
Ust-Kut rayon (HF) 4.728 MHz
Ust-Kut ATIS 127.4 MHz
Ust-Kut Transit 131.7 MHz
Aerodrome special machinery 163.75 MHz
AFTN, "Vantuz-2" 4.494 MHz
SOS 121.5 MHz
Non-directional beacon ~Outer~ ("CI") 326 kHz
Non-directional beacon ~Middle~ ("C") 670 kHz
ILS ("ICI") ~LOC~ 108.9 MHz
ILS ~GS~ 329.3 MHz


Radar and Radio navigation Type Note
Radar ДРЛ-7СМ
Direction finding VHF АРП-75
ILS СП-80 Course 300, Category I
Non-directional beacon ПАР-10С, АРМ-150

Runway lighting

ОМИ «Svetlyachok»

Полоса огни.JPG

Полоса ночь Усть-Кут.jpg


During World War II an airfield was built here for the Alaska-Siberian (ALSIB) air route used to ferry American Lend-Lease aircraft to the Eastern Front.[4]

New airport construction began in 1963, about 12 km north of Ust-Kut on top of a hill. Was equipped with a dirt runway. Since the autumn of that year began to be implemented the first flights of aircraft Antonov An-2, Ilyushin Il-14, first began to fly helicopters.

In 1966, the airport received the first cargo plane Antonov An-12. Besides him, the flights took place on the An-24 Antonov An-26, Ilyushin Il-14, Antonov An-2, Yak-12, Mi-2, Mi-4. In winter, on a runway compacted snow, was held marking the runway dimensions, which allowed to take cargo aircraft IL-76.

In the 1970s. value of the airport, "Ust-Kut" has increased in connection with the construction of the Baikal Amur Mainline and the opening of new diamond-mining areas in Yakutia. Introduced passenger flights on the An-90 and Yak-40. Building built aircraft maintenance base fuel storage, cargo warehouse, the building control centers and other facilities of air traffic control.

In the 1980s. Airport reaches its peak and the volume of shipments of goods has a leading position in the Eastern Siberia Department of Civil Aviation. Reception and release of air by satisfying the clock. In 1983, through the airport, "Ust-Kut" posted 228.3 thousand passengers, 26.7 thousand tons, 536 tons of mail load. Built a concrete platform building rescue station, a dock for maintenance of helicopters. Built a warm garage for vehicles, equipped with centralized fueling and production of aircraft parking areas for helicopters.

In the 1990s. volumes of work have fallen sharply. The annual decline in 30-40%. From 1991 to 2001, the annual shipment of goods decreased 10-fold (from 18.3 tonnes to 1.8 tonnes), and sending passengers - 15 times (from 111 thousand people; up to 7.2 thousand per year).

By the 2000s (decade). at the airport saved the infrastructure needed to service the cargo planes and helicopters, including a large scale. The replacement of light-signaling equipment of the runway, carried out refurbishment, carried out repairs of runway, updated machinery for its content.

In 2007 a controlling stake in "JSC "Aeroport Ust-Kut"" (in Russian).  has acquired the airline "UTair" planning to use it as their main base in Eastern Siberia.

Accidents and incidents

  • On 5 March 1970, Lisunov Li-2 CCCP-58340 of Aeroflot was damaged beyond economic repair when it departed the runway on take-off. Cause of the accident - shifting of cargo. No one was injured.[5]
  • On 17 December 1976, aircraft Yak-40 CCCP-88208 of Aeroflot after take-off and touched trees fell in the forest. Have died 7 people. Cause of the accident - a mistake of the crew.
  • On 14 January 2010, private helicopter R44 RA-04145 made a training flight in the terminal area of Ust-Kut and forced landed at 70 km. Air traffic controller of the crew received information about the emergency landing. The pilot reported that the state of health he is satisfactory, but the passenger has frostbite. As a result of accident passenger suffered serious frostbite of lower limbs. The reason for the accident - pilot error on landing at a site in the taiga.


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