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About me

Art image showing Mathias Hollstein. Created by M. Hollstein in 2017.
Mathias Hollstein in 2017 (artwork)

My name is Mathias Hollstein, and this is my user page on Wikipedia. Given the style, you may have noticed it looks similar to the one of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. That is intentional, since he set a great example.

I was born on August 9, 1984, in Potsdam, Brandenburg, and currently work as a systems engineer in the field of security engineering and as an expert for cyber threat intelligence. I also founded the nongovernmental intelligence organization TRON-DELTA.ORG in 2003, which is active in the field of information security and open-source intelligence. Since 2014, I have been the director of that organization, and therefore was also involved in technical projects and intelligence operations. However, since this user page is not the right place for more details and advertising on this, I'll leave it at that and suggest to read more about the organization and myself on our official website. To conclude, I would like to tell you about my involvement in various other projects, like e.g. LXCMS, Xubuntu GNU/Linux and Octopussy, besides my voluntary support for organizations like the Free Software Foundation.

Please, do not edit this user page even if you would like to, since I appreciate people getting in touch with me first on this. As usual, comments or questions about my user page should be kept on my talk page, rather than on the user page itself. Thank you! My intent as a Wikipedia user is of course to contribute to the project, by editing Wikipedia articles. Indeed, I would like to add something here that is useful to a lot of people. In the past I already made contributions anonymously to the Wikipedia, with a very high acceptance rate. In March 2017 I officially began to publicize on Wikipedia under my real name, in the field of IT security/computer security.


  • Wikipedia inquiries: For inquiries/discussions strictly regarding Wikipedia and my activities there, you can send me a message within Wikipedia or use my talk page (v.s.).
If you have a complaint about my article content, there are many "avenues to pursue", as Mr. Wales said. The best and simplest way is to just fix it. You can also open a discussion on the article's talk page about the issues you wish to address.
  • All other inquiries: Please send an e-mail to, or contact me through channels described within the imprint of my organization's official website.


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The following list contains articles, to which I regard my contribution significant enough for display. Unfortunately, for security reasons I cannot exhibit other articles at this point, which were created or altered anonymously in the past.

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