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Epicgenius (stylized lowercase as epicgenius according to what's displayed as the title on the main Wikimedia userpage) is the name of this wikimedia user. He is from New York City.[citation needed]

About him

The first part of his username is "epic" from the YouTube channel Epic Rap Battles of History. The second part is "genius" from lyrics website But English Wikipedia doesn't say that so,[citation needed] He is mostly an English Wikipedia editor.

He likes mathematics (especially anything relating to very complex algebra, geometry, calculus, and mathematical proofs) and is very good at it. He also likes computer science, especially robots and anything having to do with artificial intelligence or biotechnology. Space travel and space exploration is also interesting to him, as is energy, the natural environment, and various types of cars, his favorite being the Tesla Model S. He really likes theme parks around the world, and his favorites are Disney parks and Universal Studios parks. His favorite TV shows include Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family.

So it may surprise the reader that he actually edits English Wikipedia articles about public transportation, other infrastructure, and architecture. (He also sometimes edits theme park articles and other interesting topics that are either in the news or discovered by happenstance.)

These are among the other things he does on English Wikipedia at least:

  • Copy editing
  • Adding information
  • Anti-vandalism
  • Improving articles to Did You Know; Good Articles; and Featured Articles
  • He will also sometimes make comments on railroad-related featured article candidates.

He is also a Commons user who only drops by sporadically. His main task is recategorizing pictures that are in the wrong categories and move categories to appropriate categories. He also uploads pictures from Flickr and helps to transfer files from enwiki if needed. A lot of pictures still need specific categorization.

And the reason he takes bad pictures is...

  • He owns an iPad and a smartphone but no actual high-quality cameras.
  • He doesn't have time to take good pictures. He has things to do, like class and work.


Some contributions include:

More contribs

Things he did when he could have been doing something else
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He helped improve the following articles on English Wikipedia that are now good article class or featured article class. This is not a full list.[lower-alpha 2]

An asterisk (*) denotes significant text contributions.

  • Transportation
    • Buses
      1. M60 (New York City bus)
      2. Q20 and Q44 buses
      3. Q70 (New York City bus)
      4. Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevards buses
    • Railway lines
      1. High Line*
      2. North Shore Branch
    • Services
      1. 42nd Street Shuttle; see below.
      2. G (New York City Subway service)*
    • Stations
      1. 21st Street–Queensbridge (IND 63rd Street Line)
      2. 34th Street–Hudson Yards (IRT Flushing Line)*
      3. 72nd Street (Second Avenue Subway)*
      4. 75th Avenue (IND Queens Boulevard Line)
      5. 86th Street (Second Avenue Subway)*
      6. 96th Street (Second Avenue Subway)*
      7. Aqueduct Racetrack (IND Rockaway Line)*
      8. Bergen Street (IND Culver Line)
      9. Broad Channel (IND Rockaway Line)
      10. Broadway Junction (New York City Subway)*
      11. Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue (New York City Subway)*
      12. Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue (IND Rockaway Line)
      13. Flushing–Main Street (IRT Flushing Line)*
      14. Forest Hills–71st Avenue (IND Queens Boulevard Line)
      15. Grand Avenue–Newtown (IND Queens Boulevard Line)
      16. Grand Street (IND Sixth Avenue Line)
      17. High Street (IND Eighth Avenue Line)
      18. Howard Beach–JFK Airport (IND Rockaway Line)
      19. Hoyt–Schermerhorn Streets (New York City Subway)
      20. Jamaica–179th Street (IND Queens Boulevard Line)
      21. Kew Gardens–Union Turnpike (IND Queens Boulevard Line)
      22. Lexington Avenue–63rd Street (63rd Street Lines)*
      23. Norwood–205th Street (IND Concourse Line)
      24. Roosevelt Island (IND 63rd Street Line)*
      25. Woodhaven Boulevard (IND Queens Boulevard Line)
    • Subway expansions
      1. 7 Subway Extension*
      2. Program for Action*
      3. Proposed expansion of the New York City Subway*
      4. Staten Island Tunnel
    • Subway lines
      1. 42nd Street Shuttle
      2. BMT Fourth Avenue Line
      3. IND Culver Line
      4. IND Queens Boulevard Line
      5. IND World's Fair Line
      6. IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line
      7. Second Avenue Subway*
    • Systems
      1. AirTrain JFK*
      2. Citi Bike*
      3. New York City Subway*
      4. NYC Ferry*
    • Roads and highways
      1. Interstate 278
      2. Interstate 295 (New York)
      3. New York State Route 878
  • Architecture
    • Buildings
      1. 7 World Trade Center[lower-alpha 3]
      2. Chrysler Building*[lower-alpha 3]
      3. Empire State Building*
      4. Master Apartments
      5. North Shore Towers
      6. One World Trade Center*
      7. Trump Tower*
      8. Waldorf Astoria New York*
      9. Waldorf–Astoria (New York, 1893)
    • Complexes
      1. World Trade Center (2001–present)*
    • Monuments
      1. Washington Monument
  • Entertainment
    • Games
    • Episodes
      1. Tobacco (Last Week Tonight)
      2. Donald Trump (Last Week Tonight)*[lower-alpha 4]
  • Art
    • Visual art
      1. Man at the Crossroads
  • Technology
  • Geography
    • Parks
      1. Van Cortlandt Park*
      2. Flushing Meadows–Corona Park
    • Neighborhoods
      1. Fordham Plaza
    • Bodies of water
      1. Gowanus Canal[lower-alpha 3]

Side note

  • DYK's he tried to delete: 2014 killings of NYPD officers, 85th Street (Manhattan)
  • DYK's not credited for: Van Cortlandt Park, Washington Monument
  • GA's demoted: Gowanus Canal, World Trade Center (World Trade Center's demotion was due to the page being split)
  • GA's expanded: National Debt Clock, Chrysler Building, "Tobacco" (Last Week Tonight)
  • GA's promoted that were already GA's or FA's in other articles: Master Apartments, New York City Subway, Second Avenue Subway,
  • FA's expanded: 7 World Trade Center, Stuyvesant High School (to a smaller extent)
  • Million awards: High Line, New York City Subway, One World Trade Center, Trump Tower
  • Hopeful good topics. Or something.
    • World Trade Center, NYC
      1. World Trade Center (2001–present)*; see
      2. 7 World Trade Center
      3. One World Trade Center*

Not yet but soon hopefully

Still on the list for GAN:

  • Construction of Rockefeller Center
  • Park51
  • Rockefeller Center
  • World Trade Center (1973–2001)
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • Flushing–Co-op City buses
  • Jamaica–Far Rockaway line
  • Merrick Boulevard buses
  • History of the Second Avenue Subway
  • Jay Street–MetroTech (New York City Subway)
  • 23rd Street (Manhattan)
  • Conduit Avenue
  • Interstate 895 (New York)
  • Jacob Riis Park
  • Pelham Bay Park
  • Floyd Bennett Field

To-do list

Did you know that a Tesla Model S is a car that is fully electric but still looks cool?

This is a list of things he wants to do on English Wikipedia.

Short-term list

Want to create:

  • Net Neutrality (Last Week Tonight)
  • Ask Me Anything or IAmA or /r/IAmA and AMA
  • New York City fiscal crisis

Want to clean up:

  • Bensonhurst
  • Civic Center
  • Downtown Brooklyn
  • Education in New York City
  • Floyd Bennett Field
  • Glendale
  • Greenwich Village
  • Kew Gardens
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • Upper West Side

Want to expand:

  • Food and water in New York City
  • New York City Subway map
  • New York Public Library Main Branch
  • Roosevelt Island Tramway
  • South Street Seaport
  • Willets Point
  • Woodside

Want to improve toward GA:

  • 63rd Street Lines
  • A (New York City Subway service)
  • Bayonne Bridge
  • Brownsville (almost there)
  • Central Park
  • C (New York City Subway service)
  • Elmhurst
  • Empire State Building
  • F (New York City Subway service)
  • Middle Village
  • Rego Park

Want to nominate for GA next, but not quite ready:

  • Brooklyn–Queens Connector
  • National September 11 Memorial & Museum
  • Pelham Bay Park
  • World Trade Center (1973–2001)
  • World Trade Center (2001–present)

Want to improve toward FA:

  • 7 Subway Extension
  • High Line
  • Trump Tower
  • Van Cortlandt Park

Want to nominate for FA next, but not quite ready:

  • 34th Street–Hudson Yards (IRT Flushing Line)
  • New York City Subway
  • Second Avenue Subway

Want to improve toward FL:

  • List of New York City Subway stations in the Bronx
  • List of New York City Subway stations in Brooklyn
  • List of New York City Subway stations in Manhattan
  • List of New York City Subway stations in Queens

Other minor things:

  • Find reliable sourcing for Reddit AMAs

Long term list

  • Get a camera for Commons uploads (phone isn't good)
  • Good or featured topic about NYS touring routes in NYC
    • At least 1 NYS touring route FA
  • Good or featured topic about at least 1 NYC Subway Line
    • At least 2 NYC Subway stations/lines FA
  • Good or featured topic about Last Week Tonight episodes, at least those that have articles

To-do resources



A redditor[lower-alpha 5] and a Star Wars fan, this epic genius is. He also likes to do math in his free time since he is very good at it (you know, stuff like theorems, and he also likes proofs.)[lower-alpha 6]

For more information see here.


  1. Excludes Van Cortlandt Park or New York City Subway.
  2. this includes collaborations with the following users for some of these: Kew Gardens 613, Tdorante10, Another Believer, and/or Dr. Blofeld.
  3. a b c d Improved on existing status
  4. Mostly lurking under a different username.
  5. But he does not like irking people with annoying fonts like this one. That's what these guys do.

He used to have a funny userpage. See here and here.

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