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This page is a coordination center for the FaceBase Gene Wiki effort. The goal of this project is to create a continually-updated, collaboratively-written, and community-reviewed review article for every concept of relevance to the FaceBase community (especially the genes). In pursuit of that goal, this page will serve as a hub for organizing Wiki-related events, such as the upcoming Gene Wiki Jamboree, and will provide a central point of access for articles of importance to FaceBase researchers.

Gene Wiki Jamborees

What they are

A great opportunity to start actively sharing knowledge with each other and with the public via Gene Wiki pages! (The first usage of the term 'jamboree' in this context was probably the Drosophila Genome Annotation Jamboree at Celera in 1999.) [1]

Goals for FaceBase Gene Wiki Jamborees

  1. Learn the basics of wiki editing
  2. Start editing/creating pages relevant to FaceBase

What to do to participate

  1. If you have an internet connection you can participate by editing some pages!
  2. You can contribute to discussions about the Gene Wiki Jamboree using the friendfeed group GeneWikiJamboree

If you are keen to get started before the meeting, the best thing to do would be to familiarize yourself with Wikipedia by perusing the following:

Suggested Tasks

  • Identify pages that are relevant to the FaceBase initiative and link to them below
  • For each gene:
  • Add text to sections about each gene's structure, function,pathological role, history, genetic interactions
  • Add links to related pages in Wikipedia
  • Add links to external databases in the External Links section
  • Add references to articles in PubMed
  • Add images to help illustrate the text (e.g. relevant pathway diagrams, 3d structures etc.) (How to upload images and then how to make them show up on a page where you want them

Clefting pages


Transcription Factors
Signalling Molecules and Receptors
Connective Tissue Molecules
Post-translational Modification
Others / Unknown function



GWAS Studies

  • Birnbaum -- 19270707 [2]


Facebase users, after logging in, please add your name by typing four tildes (~~~~) below.

Examples of edits. Click the links to see the differences between wiki pages before and after
User name Test edit Add info Add wikilink Add citation
AndrewGNF [2] [3] [4]
Jcmurray24 [5] [6]
Craniofellow [7] [8]
Alinepetrin [9]

Helpful links

  • Links to instructional pages about editing Help:Contents/Editing_Wikipedia
  • Editing screencast tutorial: [10]
  • Create your account: [11]
  • PubMed reference formatting tool: [12]
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology "WikiProject": WP:MCB


  • Use your browser's "find" function to find the section of text you want to edit and bypass all the ugly markup language.


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