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A Den Jentyl Ettien Avel Dysklyver (alias)
A Den Jentyl Ettien Avel Dysklyver (alias)
Lawyer, Kernow, United Kingdom
The liberty of the press is indeed essential to the nature of a free state: but this consists in laying no previous restraints upon publications, and not in freedom from censure for criminal matter when published. Every freeman has an undoubted right to lay what sentiments he pleases before the public: to forbid this, is to destroy the freedom of the press: but if he publishes what is improper, mischievous, or illegal, he must take the consequence of his own temerity.

Those rights, then, which God and nature have established, and are therefore called natural rights, such as life and liberty, need not the aid of human laws to be more effectually invested in every man than they are; neither do they receive any additional strength when declared by the municipal laws to be inviolate. On the contrary, no human legislature has power to abridge or destroy them, unless the owner shall himself commit some act that amounts to a forfeiture.

And, lastly, to vindicate these rights, when actually violated and attacked, the subjects of England are entitled, in the first place, to the regular administration and free course of justice in the courts of law; next to the right of petitioning the king and parliament for redress of grievances; and, lastly, to the right of having and using arms for self preservation and defense.

William Blackstone - Eighteenth century English jurist.

About me

I am a lawyer in the United Kingdom, I live in Cornwall near the Devon border overlooking the river Tamar. I am private enough to not put my picture here, so the picture is actually of my great-grandad Albert Lucas, who looks much the same as me.

My work

I primarily edit the English Wikipedia, but also edit crosswiki and you can see some of my work on Simple Wikipedia and elsewhere. I primarily work on Cornwall-related topics. Although I am a lawyer, I don't often edit legal topics. I am perfectly at home working on most topics and you can see my contributions in many subject areas, especially on en.wikipedia.

Disclaimer: Representations made by me on any Wikimedia project do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

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