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Ur-Baba inscription plaque enumerating the temples erected by him; Louvre collection (AO 261)

Ur-Baba or Ur-Bau (Sumerian: 𒌨𒀭𒁀𒌑 ur-Dba.ba6 or ur-Dba.U2, servant of the goddess Bau) was ensi of Lagash from 2093 BC – 2080 BC (short chronology) or 2157 BC – 2144 BC (middle chronology), roughly contemporaneous with the last king of Akkad, Shu-turul. According to inscriptions of Ur-Baba, during his reign Lagash enjoyed prosperity and independence from the Akkadians. His daughter Ninalla married Gudea, who succeeded him as ensi.

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