United States gubernatorial elections, 1965

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United States gubernatorial elections, 1965

← 1964 November 2, 1965 1966 →

2 state governorships

  Majority party Minority party
Party Democratic Republican
Last election 33 governorships 17 governorships
Seats before 33 17
Seats after 33 17
Seat change Steady Steady

  Democratic holds
  Democratic pickups
  Republican holds
  Republican pickups

United States gubernatorial elections were held in November 1965, in two states.

New Jersey

After his re-election win, Hughes tried to do an income tax, but that bill died. The tax would come into play after the state Supreme Court handed down a decision concerning property taxes for schools in 1973. Hughes would become Chief Justice in 1974, and after much battling with then-Gov. Brendan Byrne and the New Jersey Legislature concerning taxes for public education, the income tax finally made it to New Jersey.[1]


The 1965 Virginia's Governor's Race was colorful in that not only a new governor emerged, (Mills E. Godwin, Jr.), who would go on to serve the term as a Democrat and later serve another term as a Republican in the 1970s,[2] but that another opponent, A. Linwood Holton, Jr., would go on to serve a term as Virginia's first Republican Governor since Reconstruction.[3] Not to mention that George Lincoln Rockwell, the 'American Hitler', ran in this race.[4][5]


State Incumbent Party Status Opposing Candidates
New Jersey Richard J. Hughes Democratic Re-elected, 57.39% Wayne Dumont, Jr. (Republican) 41.08%
Robert Lee Schlachter (Conservative) 0.93%
Christopher C. Vespucci (Veterans Choice) 0.24%
Julius Levin (Socialist Labor) 0.21%
Ruth F. Shiminsky (Socialist Workers) 0.14%[6]
Virginia Albertis S. Harrison, Jr. Democratic Term-limited, Democratic victory Mills E. Godwin, Jr. (Democratic) 47.89%
A. Linwood Holton, Jr. (Republican) 37.71%
William J. Story Jr. (Virginia Conservative) 13.38%
George Lincoln Rockwell (Independent) 1.02%[7]


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