1942 United States elections

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1942 United States elections
Midterm elections
Election day November 3
Incumbent president Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic)
Next Congress 78th
Senate elections
Overall control Democratic Hold
Seats contested 35 of 96 seats
(32 Class 1 seats + 4 special elections)[1]
Net seat change Republican +9
US 1942 senate election map.svg
1942 Senate election results

  Democratic gain   Democratic hold
  Republican gain   Republican hold

House elections
Overall control Democratic Hold
Seats contested All 435 voting seats
Popular vote margin Republican +3.8%
Net seat change Republican +47

The 1942 United States elections were held on November 3, 1942, and elected the members of the 75th United States Congress. In Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt's unprecedented third mid-term election, the Republican Party picked up seats in both chambers. In the House of Representatives, the Democratic lost forty-five seats, mostly to Republicans. The House elections took place after the 1940 United States Census and the subsequent Congressional re-apportionment. The Democrats also lost eight seats to the Republicans in the U.S. Senate. An Independent also lost his seat to a Republican in the Senate. Despite Republican gains, the Democratic Party retained control of both chambers.[2]

The election was a victory for the conservative coalition, which passed the Smith-Connally Act and abolished the National Resources Planning Board over the objections of Roosevelt.[3]

As the election came in the middle of World War II, voter turnout was just 33.9%. As of 2018, no biennial U.S. election since then has seen a lower voter turnout.[4][5]

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