List of ambassadors of the United States to Mongolia

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Ambassador of the United States to Mongolia
U.S. Department of State official seal.svg
Seal of the United States Department of State
Michael S. Klecheski official photo.jpg
Michael S. Klecheski

since February 22, 2019
Nominator The President of the United States
Appointer The President
with Senate advice and consent
Inaugural holder Steven Mann
as Chargé d'Affaires ad interim
Formation Apr 17, 1988
Website U.S. Embassy - Ulaanbaatar

This is a list of United States Ambassadors to Mongolia. The United States established diplomatic relations with then-People's Republic of Mongolia on January 27, 1987. The embassy in Ulaanbaatar was opened Apr 17, 1988, with Steven Mann as Chargé d'Affaires ad interim. Richard Llewellyn Williams was the first ambassador to the Republic, and resided in the District of Columbia. The current Mongolian ambassador to the United States is Altangerel Bulgaa, who succeeded Khasbazaryn Bekhbat when he was appointed on December 7, 2012. The U.S. maintains its embassy in Ulaanbaatar.[1][2]


U.S. diplomatic terms

Career FSO
After 1915, The United States Department of State began classifying ambassadors as career Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) for those who have served in the Foreign Service for a specified amount of time.

Political appointee
A person who is not a career foreign service officer, but is appointed by the president (often as a reward to political friends).

The date that the ambassador took the oath of office; also known as “commissioning”. It follows confirmation of a presidential appointment by the Senate, or a Congressional recess appointment by the president. In the case of a recess appointment, the ambassador requires subsequent confirmation by the Senate to remain in office.

Presented credentials
The date that the ambassador presented his letter of credence to the head of state or appropriate authority of the receiving nation. At this time the ambassador officially becomes the representative of his country. This would normally occur a short time after the ambassador’s arrival on station. The host nation may reject the ambassador by not receiving the ambassador’s letter, but this occurs only rarely.

Terminated mission
Usually the date that the ambassador left the country. In some cases a letter of recall is presented, ending the ambassador’s commission, either as a means of diplomatic protest or because the diplomat is being reassigned elsewhere and replaced by another envoy.

Chargé d'affaires
The person in charge of the business of the embassy when there is no ambassador commissioned to the host country.

Ad interim
Latin phrase meaning "for the time being", "in the meantime".
Name Portrait Career Status Presentation

of credentials

Termination of mission Comment
Richard Llewellyn Williams Foreign Service officer 11-Jul-1988 January 16, 1991
Doyle Conner Doyle Conner.jpg Foreign Service officer January 16, 1991 July 30, 1991
Joseph Edward Lake US-DeptOfState-Seal.svg Foreign Service officer 1991 30-Aug-1993
Donald C. Johnson Donald C Johnson.jpg Foreign Service officer 02-Aug-1993 16-Aug-1996
Llewellyn Hedgbeth US-DeptOfState-Seal.svg Foreign Service officer Aug-1996 Dec-1997 Chargé d'Affaires ad interim
Alphonse F. La Porta US-DeptOfState-Seal.svg Foreign Service officer 24-Oct-1997 03-Nov-2000
John R. Dinger John R. Dinger.JPG Foreign Service officer 14-Jun-2000 20-Jan-2003
Pamela J. H. Slutz Slutz pamela mongolia.jpg Foreign Service officer 04-Sep-2003 08-Sep-2006
Mark C. Minton Mark C. Minton.jpg Foreign Service officer 30-May-2006 2009
Jonathan Addleton Jonathan S Addleton ambassador.jpg Foreign Service officer 09-Nov-2009 July 2012
Piper Campbell Campbell, Piper Anne.jpg Foreign Service officer 24-Aug-2012 07-Aug-2015
Jennifer Zimdahl Galt Ambassador-Jennifer-Zimdahl-Galt.jpg Foreign Service officer 05-Oct-2015 10-Nov-2017[3]
Michael S. Klecheski Michael S. Klecheski official photo (cropped).jpg Foreign Service officer 22-Feb-2019[4]

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