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The factory in Wigan where Uncle Joe's Mint Balls are made

Uncle Joe's Mint Balls are mints produced by Wm Santus & Co. Ltd. in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England since 1898. Despite their name, the mints are not truly spherical but oblate spheroids. The ingredients of Uncle Joe's Mint Balls are: pure cane sugar, oil of peppermint and cream of tartar and are described on the tin as "suitable for vegans". The words "Gluten Free" are also on the tin lid.

The early mint balls were made by William Santus' wife, Ellen, before production moved to a factory near Wigan Wallgate railway station in 1919.[1]

The packaging, usually a sealed can, describes its contents as "pure and good", and "They keep you all aglow" and carries a picture of the mascot, a smiling man in a top hat.

British singer/songwriter and humorist Mike Harding has a song called "Uncle Joe's Mint Balls" on his 1975 album Mrs. 'Ardin's Kid. It also appeared as the B side to his 1975 single "My Brother Sylveste".[2][3][4] Wigan Warriors have a version of the song celebrating some of its legendary rugby players of the 1950s and 60s such as Billy Boston, Brian McTigue and Eric Ashton that plays before some of its home games at the DW Stadium

On 16 February 2011, Wm Santus' Dorning Street factory produced the two-billionth Uncle Joe's Mint Ball, which was encased in resin and placed on display at the Museum of Wigan Life until 17 March.[5]


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