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Ukiyotei Company Ltd.
Video game developer
Industry Video game industry
Founded March 15, 1991
Defunct 2000s?[citation needed]
Headquarters Japan
Key people
Kenshi Naruse (Founder)
Products Video games

Ukiyotei Company Ltd. (有限会社浮世亭) was[citation needed] a Japanese video game-developing studio.[1][2] It was founded by Kenshi Naruse, who was formerly an employee of Capcom. The company was well known for developing the SNES version of Hook, Skyblazer and some games based on the Metal Slug franchise.


According to Joshua Hoffman reviewing Todd McFarlane's Spawn, "the game is simply a great deal of fun to play", and "excellent gameplay and faithfully depicted graphics" (from the original comics).[3]


Game Boy Color

Neo Geo

Neo Geo Pocket


Super Famicom/Super NES


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