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U.S. Route 41 marker

U.S. Route 41
Route information
Maintained by INDOT
Length 279.817 mi[2] (450.322 km)
Existed October 1, 1926[1]–present
Major junctions
South end US 41 in Evansville
  I-69 in Evansville
I-64 near Inglefield

US 50 / US 150 in Vincennes
I-70 / US 40 in Terre Haute
I-74 near Veedersburg
I‑80 / I‑94 / US 6 in Hammond

I-90 / Indiana Toll Road in Hammond
North end US 12 / US 20 / US 41 in Hammond
Highway system
US 40 SR 42

In the U.S. state of Indiana, U.S. Route 41 (US 41) is a north–south highway that is parallel to the Illinois state line. It enters the state south of Evansville as a four-lane divided highway passing around Vincennes and traveling north to Terre Haute. In Terre Haute, it is known as 3rd Street. North of Terre Haute, it hooks east and becomes a two-lane surface road. Those wanting to stay on a four-lane divided highway can use State Road 63 to the west. It passes through Rockville, Veedersburg, and Attica before returning to a four-lane divided highway when SR 63 terminates in Warren County. It remains a four-lane divided highway until Lake County where it becomes a main road known as Indianapolis Boulevard. It overlaps US 12 and US 20 in Hammond and exits Indiana into the South Side of Chicago.

Route description

US Route 41 is a largely rural road in western Indiana. It begins crossing the Ohio River using the Bi-State Vietnam Gold Star Bridges, commonly known as "The Twin Bridges",[3] from Henderson, KY into Evansville.[4] Through Evansville, US 41 is again a standard arterial roadway with traffic lights and urban congestion. North of Evansville, the road becomes a rural four-lane non-Interstate-standard highway. The highway reaches Interstate 64, then has an interchange with SR 64 near Princeton, as it heads north towards Vincennes.

South of Vincennes, US 41 turns into an Interstate-standard freeway and bypasses the east side of Vincennes with interchanges and grade separations. In the middle of this bypass there is a modern three-level stack interchange with US 50 and US 150 eastbound, headed for Washington, Cincinnati, OH, and Louisville, KY. [4] US 50 splits to the west in the city, heading for Lawrenceville, IL, and St. Louis, MO, while US 41 and US 150 continue north.

North of Vincennes, the expressway turns into a four-lane divided highway, a relatively older pre–Interstate-era highway coated with asphalt and a narrow median. US 41 and US 150 pass through Sullivan before entering Terre Haute. US 150 leaves the multiplex in the south end of the city, headed west towards Danville and Moline, IL, while US 41 continues north through Terre Haute. Through town, US 41 is an urban arterial road with traffic lights, approaches an interchange with Interstate 70, then passing Honey Creek Mall and Indiana State University.

Past Terre Haute, SR 63 splits to the northwest as an Interstate-standard four-lane highway towards Clinton. US 41 heads northeast as a rural two-lane US Highway, passing through the communities of Rockville and Bloomingdale. The road reaches Interstate 74 at Veedersburg, where it briefly divides into a four-lane highway. US 41 again reduces to a two-lane highway and continues north, going past Rob Roy and Attica. Past Attica, US 41 turns northwest and rejoins the four-lane highway near Kramer, at the northern terminus of SR 63.

US 41 continues northbound as a divided highway with a few crossovers at SR 26, SR 352 at Boswell, and SR 18. The southbound lanes are the original concrete from the early 1970s while the northbound lanes contain a thin asphalt overlay, which tends to provide a bumpy ride.[4][not in citation given]

Past SR 63, US 41 has an interchange with US 52 eastbound, which heads southeast towards Lafayette and Indianapolis as a four-lane divided rural highway. US 52 westbound joins with US 41 heading north towards Kentland[4] In 2008, a wind farm was built next to the highway near Earl Park.[5]

US 41/52 interchange

In Kentland, the road junctions with US 24. US 52 westbound leaves the multiplex here with US 24, heading for Watseka, IL, Kankakee, IL, and Peoria, IL, while US 24 east heads to Logansport and Huntington. US 41 becomes a four-lane divided US highway past this junction. It is relatively an older divided highway with a narrow median. This highway used to be a two-lane route. One side of the highway is rolling and wavy, while the other half of the highway is built flat and to more modern standards. This portion of the route is mainly asphalt. According to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the twinning of US 41 in Indiana was begun in 1951, with construction progressing from south to north.[4][not in citation given]

US 41 north of Kentland

Up until the mid-1990s, many older styled bridges existed on the route, including a 1930s-era truss bridge across the Kankakee River in Schneider and some pre-Interstate-era concrete bridges at the railroad overpass near Morocco and the Iroquois River bridge. All of these bridges have since been updated to INDOT's latest standards using concrete latex overlays and new concrete bridge decks.[4][not in citation given]

Traffic volumes on this section of highway are relatively low and many intersections contain 1940s- and 1950s-era former gas stations, diners and businesses associated with the highway before Interstate 65 was built in the early 1960s. Many of these businesses have been converted to new uses, such as used car dealerships and offices, while some have been abandoned, which provides an experience similar to U.S. Route 66 when traveling on this highway. US 41 is sometimes considered an alternate to Interstate 65 due to its low traffic volumes.

From Kentland, US 41 passes through the towns and villages of Ade, Enos, Lake Village, and Schneider, before entering Cedar Lake. Once in Cedar Lake, US 41 becomes an undivided four-lane arterial road. The road passes through the bedroom communities of St. John, Schererville, and Highland. Entering the urban core of Northwest Indiana, the route through Hammond and Whiting before exiting Indiana and entering Illinois in Chicago.

In total, US 41 covers nearly 280 miles (450 km) from Evansville on the south end to Whiting in the north.[6]

US 41 in Indiana was featured in the famous crop duster scene in the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock film North by Northwest, although the scene was actually filmed near Bakersfield, California.


Until the designation of US 41 on October 1, 1926, the alignment was called SR 10.[1]

Major junctions

County Location mi[2] km Destinations Notes
Vanderburgh Evansville 0.000 0.000 US 41 south – Henderson Continuation into Kentucky
I-69 north I-69 exit 0
3.738 6.016 SR 62 west / SR 66 east / Lloyd Expressway Southern end of SR 62/SR 66 concurrency; interchange
4.820 7.757 SR 62 east / Morgan Avenue – Boonville Northern end of SR 62 concurrency
5.326 8.571 SR 66 west / Diamond Avenue Northern end of SR 66 concurrent; interchange
8.904 14.330 SR 57 north – Regional Airport, Washington Southern terminus of SR 57
county line
township line
I-64 – Louisville, St. Louis I-64 exit 25
Gibson Haubstadt 19.062 30.677 SR 68 – Haubstadt, Dale
Fort Branch 23.253 37.422 SR 168 – Owensville, Mackey
Union Township 24.765 39.855 CR 550 South – Toyota Interchange
Patoka Township 27.422 44.131 Princeton (CR 300 South) Interchange
Princeton 30.989 49.872 SR 64 – Princeton, Mt. Carmel Interchange
Hazleton 39.824 64.091 SR 56 east – Hazleton, Petersburg Western terminus of SR 56
Knox Decker 43.622 70.203 SR 241 north – Decker Southern terminus of SR 241
Vincennes 52.292 84.156 SR 441 north Southern end of freeway bypass of Vincennes
53.655 86.349 Hart Street Interchange
55.309 89.011 US 50 east / US 150 east – Washington Southern end of US 50/US 150 concurrency
56.491 90.913 US 50 west to SR 61 (Sixth Street) – Lawrenceville Northern end of US 50 concurrency; interchange; northern end of Vincennes freeway bypass overlap
57.968 93.290 SR 67 north – Bicknell Southern terminus of SR 67
Emison 64.497 103.798 SR 550 east – Bruceville, Wheatland Western terminus of SR 550
Sullivan Carlisle 76.320 122.825 SR 58 – Merom, Carlisle
Sullivan 84.066 135.291 SR 54 east – Dugger, Linton Western terminus of SR 54
86.224 138.764 SR 154 west / West Wolfe Street – Graysville, Sullivan Western terminus of SR 154
Shelburn 92.349 148.621 SR 48 – Hymera, Jasonville
Vigo Pimento 98.537 158.580 SR 246
Terre Haute 105.120 169.174 SR 641 (McDaniel Road) SR 641 only partially complete to I-70
I-70 / US 40 – Terre Haute, Indianapolis, St. Louis I-70 exit 7
112.165 180.512 US 150 (Cherry Street) Northern end of US 150 concurrency
114.052 183.549 SR 63 north – Clinton, Chicago Southern terminus of SR 63; Y-interchange with indirect access to northbound US 41 via Maple Avenue
Parke Florida Township 126.568–
SR 163 west Eastern terminus of SR 163
Rockville 137.792 221.755 US 36 (West Ohio Street) – Danville, Montezuma, Raccoon Lake State Recreation Area
township line
143.703 231.268 SR 236 east Western terminus of SR 236
Penn Township 145.768 234.591 SR 47 north Southern terminus of SR 47
Fountain Millcreek Township 152.354 245.190 SR 234
157.563 253.573 SR 32
Veedersburg 161.790 260.376 US 136 east Southern end of US 136 concurrency
162.428 261.403 US 136 west – Danville Northern end of US 136 concurrency
I-74 – Indianapolis, Peoria, IL I-74 exit 15
Shawnee Township 170.902 275.040 SR 55 south – Newtown Southern end of SR 55 concurrency
Attica 174.793 281.302 SR 28 east Southeastern end of SR 28 concurrency
Warren WashingtonLiberty
Warren township tripoint
176.095 283.397 SR 55 north Northern end of SR 55 concurrency
Liberty Township 177.531 285.708 SR 28 west – Williamsport Northwestern end of SR 28 concurrency
Carbondale 182.711 294.045 SR 63 south – Terre Haute, Evansville Northern terminus of SR 63; no direct access to SR 63 south from US 41 north (access via W CR 200 North)
Pine Township 189.737 305.352 SR 26 east Southern end of SR 26 concurrency
Prairie Township 190.291 306.244 SR 26 west Northern end of SR 26 concurrency
Benton Boswell 194.366 312.802 SR 352
Parish GroveCenter
township line
201.334 324.016 SR 18
Richland Township 203.795–
US 52 east – Lafayette Southern end of the US 52 concurrency
Newton Kentland 212.737 342.367 US 24 / US 52 west – Sheldon, Monticello Northern end of the US 52 concurrency
Ade 219.548 353.328 SR 16 east Western terminus of SR 16
Morocco 224.696 361.613 SR 114 east Western terminus of SR 114; intersection is a J-turn
Enos 230.006 370.159 SR 14 east to I-65 Western terminus of SR 14
Lake Village 239.142 384.862 SR 10
Lake West Creek Township 246.766 397.131 SR 2 west Southern end of SR 2 concurrency
249.388 401.351 SR 2 east – Lowell Northern end of SR 2 concurrency
St. John 258.436 415.912 US 231 south – Crown Point, Lake County Fairgrounds Northern terminus of US 231
Schererville 263.323 423.777 US 30
Hammond 269.142 433.142 I-80 east / I-94 east / US 6 east – Detroit
SR 152 north (Indianapolis Boulevard north)
Eastern end of I-80/I-94/US 6 concurrency; exit 2 on I-80/I-94; southern terminus of SR 152
270.640 435.553 I-80 west / I-94 west / US 6 west / Calumet Avenue south – Chicago, Illinois Western end of I-80/I-94/US 6 concurrency; exit 1 on I-80/I-94
I-90 / Indiana Toll Road Exit 5 on I-90/Indiana Toll Rd.
276.365 444.766 SR 912 (Cline Avenue) – Chicago
278.504 448.209 US 12 east / US 20 east (Indianapolis Boulevard south) Southern end of US 12/US 20 concurrency
I-90 east / Indiana Toll Road east to I-80 / I-94 Exit 0 on I-90/Indiana Toll Rd.; access to I-90 west is in Illinois
279.817 450.322 US 12 west / US 20 west / US 41 north (Indianapolis Boulevard) – Chicago Continuation into Illinois
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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