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U.S. Route 150 marker

U.S. Route 150
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 50
Length 571 mi[citation needed] (919 km)
Existed 1926[citation needed]–present
Major junctions
West end US 6 in Moline, IL
  I-55 in Bloomington, IL
I-57 in Champaign, IL
I-74 in Danville, IL
I-70 in Terre Haute, IN
I-69 in Washington, IN
I-64 / SR 62 in New Albany, IN
I-265 / SR 62 in New Albany, IN
I-264 in Louisville, KY
I-65 in Louisville, KY
I-264 near Wellington, KY
I-265 in Fern Creek (Louisville), KY
East end US 25 in Mount Vernon, KY
States Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky
Highway system

U.S. Route 150 (abbreviated Route 150 or U.S. 150) is a 571-mile (919 km) long northwest-southeast United States highway, signed as east–west. It runs from U.S. Route 6 outside of Moline, Illinois to U.S. Route 25 in Mount Vernon, Kentucky .

Route description


US 150 through downtown Galesburg

In the state of Illinois, U.S. 150 runs from the Quad City International Airport at U.S. Route 6 southeast to near Vermilion. U.S. 150 in Illinois is 267.47 miles (430.45 km) long.[1]

Between Moline and Danville, Route 150 closely parallels Interstate 74.


In the state of Indiana, U.S. 150 runs south with U.S. Route 41 from Terre Haute. It is then concurrent with its parent, U.S. Route 50 from Vincennes to Shoals. It then runs east to New Albany before overlapping Interstate 64 into Kentucky. Between Vincennes and New Albany the road follows the original route of the Buffalo Trace.


U.S. 150 runs concurrently with I-64 as it enters Kentucky from Indiana, crossing the Ohio River into Louisville on the Sherman Minton Bridge and exiting the I-64 freeway at North 22nd Street in the Portland neighborhood. From there, U.S. 150 runs south to West Broadway (westbound U.S. 150 follows Dr. W. J. Hodges Street from West Broadway to West Main Street, then runs along the 22nd Street Connector to its merge with North 22nd near Garfield Avenue); U.S. 150 follows Broadway across downtown to Baxter Avenue; after a brief run along Baxter, It then follows Bardstown Road, a major radial artery running southeasterly from downtown, with interchanges at Interstates 264 and 265.

Between West Main and West Broadway in Louisville, U.S. 150 is concurrent with U.S. Route 31W; from East Broadway and Baxter to Bardstown, Kentucky, it is concurrent with U.S. Route 31E. The route along Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road follows the former Louisville and Bardstown Turnpike through the Highlands district of Louisville and past the historic Farmington plantation at the interchange with the Watterson Expressway (I-264).

U.S. routes 150 and 31E separate at Bardstown near the Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Parkway. U.S. 150 then continues southeast, around the city of Danville before terminating at Mount Vernon.


U.S. Route 168
Location LouisvilleMount Vernon
Existed 1926–1934

U.S. Route 168 was created in 1926 from Louisville to Mount Vernon, Kentucky, overlapping US 68 between Bardstown and Perryville. In 1934, US 150 absorbed US 168.

Illinois Route 39 ran from Bloomington to Champaign on the current routing of U.S. 150.[2]

Major intersections

State County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Illinois Rock Island Moline US 6 to I-74 / I-280 – Moline, Rock Island, Geneseo
Henry IL 81 east / CR 7 to I-74 – Andover, Cambridge, Kewanee, Sherrard
IL 17 west – New Windsor, Aledo West end of IL 17 overlap
IL 17 east to I-74 – Galva East end of IL 17 overlap
Knox Galesburg
US 34 / IL 110 (CKC) to I-74 – Kewanee, Monmouth
To US 34 west / West Main Street
To I-74 / East Main Street
IL 97 south – Havana, Maquon
I-74 – Galesburg, Peoria I-74 exit 54
Peoria IL 180 north – Williamsfield
IL 78 north – Kewanee West end of IL 78 overlap
IL 78 south – Elmwood, Canton East end of IL 78 overlap
CR R18 south to I-74 – Peoria, Galesburg
Brimfield CR R25 (Maher Road) to I-74 – Oak Hill
Kickapoo CR R40 south (Kickapoo Edwards Road) to I-74 – Wildlife Prairie Park
Peoria IL 91 north – Dunlap
IL 6 to I-74 / I-474 – Chillicothe IL 6 exit 2
I-74 – Bloomington, Galesburg I-74 exit 89; no direct access from US 150 east to I-74 west or I-74 east to US 150 west
IL 40 (Knoxville Avenue) – Sterling
IL 29 (Adams Street) – Chillicothe Interchange
Illinois River McClugage Bridge
Tazewell East Peoria US 24 east / IL 116 east – Washington, Metamora, Illinois Central College interchange; west end of US 24 / IL 116 overlap
I-74 / IL 29 north – Bloomington, Peoria I-74 exit 95A; west end of IL 29 overlap
US 24 west / IL 8 west (North Main Street) / IL 29 south / IL 116 west / Camp Street East end of US 24 / IL 29 / IL 116 overlap; west end of IL 8 overlap
I-74 west – Peoria I-74 exit 95B; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
IL 8 east (East Washington Street) – Washington East end of IL 8 overlap
Woodford Goodfield IL 117 to I-74 – Eureka
McLean I-74 – Champaign, Peoria I-74 exit 125
Bloomington IL 9 west – Pekin West end of IL 9 overlap
I-55 / I-74 / US 51 – Joliet, Rockford, Peoria, Springfield, Decatur, Champaign I-55 exit 160

US 51 Bus. south (Center Street) / Historic US 66 – Decatur

US 51 Bus. north (Main Street) / Historic US 66 – Peru, Wesleyan University
IL 9 east (Locust Street) – Gibson City East end of IL 9 overlap
I-55 Bus. / Historic US 66 (Veterans Parkway) Alternate route of Historic US 66
US 136 – Rantoul, Heyworth
DeWitt Farmer City IL 54 – Gibson City, Clinton
No major junctions
Champaign Mahomet IL 47 south (Division Street) to I-72 West end of IL 47 overlap
IL 47 north (Lombard Street) to I-74 – Gibson City, Early American Museum East end of IL 47 overlap
Champaign IL 10 west (Springfield Avenue) to I-57 / I-72 – Bondville
US 45 south (Neil Street) – Pesotum, Business District West end of US 45 overlap
Urbana US 45 north (Cunningham Avenue) / Vine Street – Rantoul, Urbana Business District East end of US 45 overlap
IL 130 north to I-74 – Danville, Bloomington West end of IL 130 overlap
IL 130 south (High Cross Road) – Charleston East end of IL 130 overlap
Ogden IL 49 south to I-74 – Casey west end of IL 49 overlap
Vermilion DeLong IL 49 north – Kankakee east end of IL 49 overlap
I-74 – Champaign, Indianapolis I-74 exit 210
Danville US 136 / IL 1 north – Chicago, Business District West end of IL 1 overlap
Tilton I-74 – Indianapolis, Champaign I-74 exit 215
14th Street Interchange
Edgar US 36 – Indianapolis, Decatur
Paris IL 1 south (Central Street) / IL 16 west / IL 133 west (Jasper Street) – Marshall, Charleston, Arcola East end of IL 1 overlap
Indiana Vigo West Terre Haute Historic National Road west (National Avenue) to I-70 west former US 40 west
Terre Haute US 41 north (3rd Street) / Historic National Road east (Wabash Avenue) to I-70 east / Ohio Street – Swope Art Museum west end of US 41 overlap; former US 40 east
see US 41 and US 50
Martin Shoals US 50 east – Bedford east end of US 50 overlap
Lacy SR 550 west – Hindostan Falls
Orange Prospect SR 56 west west end of SR 56 overlap
Paoli SR 37 south (Southwest 1st Street) – English, Tell City west end of SR 37 overlap
SR 37 north (North Gospel Street) east end of SR 37 overlap; traffic circle around Orange County Courthouse
SR 56 east (Northeast Main Street) – Salem east end of SR 56 overlap
Washington Fayetteville SR 66 west – Milltown, Marengo
Harrison Palmyra SR 135 (Greene Street) – Salem, Corydon
Floyd Greenville SR 335 north – Martinsburg
I-64 west / SR 62 west – St. Louis west end of I-64 / SR 62 overlap; US 150 west follows exit 119
I-265 east / SR 62 east to I-65 east end of SR 62 overlap; I-64 exit 121; I-265 exit 0
New Albany New Albany I-64 exit 123
Ohio River Sherman Minton Bridge
Kentucky Jefferson Louisville I-264 east – Shively I-64 exit 1; I-264 exit 0
I-64 east – Lexington east end of I-64 overlap; US 150 east follows exit 3
Portland Avenue (KY 3064 west)
US 31W north / US 60 east (West Market Street) west end of US 31W / US 60 overlap
US 31W south / US 60 west (South 22nd Street) east end of US 31W / US 60 overlap
KY 1020 south (South Third Street)
KY 1020 north (South Second Street)
KY 61 south (South Preston Street)
KY 61 north (South Jackson Street)
KY 864 south (South Shelby Street)
KY 864 north (South Campbell Street)
US 31E north (Baxter Avenue) west end of US 31E overlap
see US 31E
Nelson Bardstown US 31E south / US 62 west (West Stephen Foster Avenue) to Bluegrass Parkway west – Airport east end of US 31E overlap; west end of US 62 overlap; traffic circle around Old Courthouse Building
US 62 east (Bloomfield Road) – Bloomfield east end of US 62 overlap
KY 49 south – Loretto

KY 245 north / US 31E Truck north / US 150 Truck west
west end of US 31E Truck overlap

Bluegrass Parkway / US 31E Truck south – Lexington, Elizabethtown
Bluegrass Parkway exit 25; east end of US 31E Truck overlap
KY 605 north west end of KY 605 overlap
Botland KY 605 south east end of KY 605 overlap
Washington Fredericktown KY 1872 (Fredricktown Road)
KY 1030 (Bearwallow Road)
KY 1724 (Cartwright Road)

US 150 Bus. east – St. Catharine, Springfield
KY 55 – Bloomfield
KY 528 – Springfield, Lincoln Homestead State Park
Springfield KY 555 to Bluegrass Parkway – Springfield, Lebanon
KY 1584
KY 152 – Mackville, Springfield

US 150 Bus. west – Springfield
Rineltown KY 2758 (Simmstown Road)
KY 1195 (Short Line Road)
KY 442 north
Boyle Perryville KY 1920 west (Jackson Street) – Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site
US 68 west / KY 52 west west end of US 68 / KY 52 overlap
US 68 east / KY 1856 south (Bragg Street) east end of US 68 overlap
KY 1822 north (Quirks Run Road) west end of KY 1822 overlap
Needmore KY 1822 south (Parksville Cross Pike) east end of KY 1822 overlap
Danville KY 3366 north (Bluegrass Pike)

US 127 Byp. / US 150 Byp. east
KY 34 west (Lebanon Road) west end of KY 34 overlap
US 127 north (Maple Avenue) west end of US 127 overlap
US 127 south (South 4th Street) east end of US 127 south overlap (eastbound)
KY 33 north (North 3rd Street) east end of US 127 north overlap (westbound)
KY 34 east (Old Wilderness Road) east end of KY 34 overlap
KY 52 east (Lancaster Road) east end of KY 52 overlap

US 150 Byp. west
KY 1273 east (Chrisman Lane) west end of KY 1273 overlap
KY 1273 west (Airport Road) east end of KY 1273 overlap
Lincoln KY 3248 – Hubble
Stanford KY 300
US 27 – Lancaster, Stanford
KY 78 – Stanford
KY 1770 (Old US 150)
KY 1369 – William Whitley House State Historic Site
KY 2750 – Crab Orchard
KY 643
KY 39 – Crab Orchard
KY 2750 (Copper Creek Road) west end of KY 2750 overlap
KY 2750 east end of KY 2750 overlap
Rockcastle Fort Harrod Way former KY 2750
KY 2250 (West Main Street) – Brodhead
KY 2250 (East Main Street) / KY 3245 – Brodhead
KY 1229 (Dug Hill Road)
KY 70 west
KY 1250 (Spiro Road)
Maretburg KY 2108 (Maretburg Road)
KY 461 to I-75 – Renfro Valley, Berea, Somerset
KY 2549 (White Rock Road)
Mount Vernon US 25 / KY 1249 – London, Berea
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

Springfield business loop

U.S. Route 150 Business
Location Springfield

U.S. Route 150 Business (US 150 Bus.) is a special U.S. Route in Springfield, Kentucky. The route runs through downtown Springfield while US 150 bypasses the town to the northeast. It intersects Kentucky state highways 152, 555, 528, 1584, and 1404.

Danville bypass

U.S. Route 150 Bypass
Location Danville

U.S. Route 150 Bypass (US 150 Byp.) is a special U.S. Route in Danville, Kentucky. The route bypasses Danville to the southwest while US 150 runs through downtown. The route is overlapped by US 127 Byp. for approximately the first half of its length. It intersects US 127, along with Kentucky state routes 34 and 37.

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