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Type 97 Service Dress was the military uniforms used by all branches of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in both the People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison and People's Liberation Army Macau Garrison in 1997 and 1999. They are being replaced with the new Type 07 uniforms were unveiled in late June 2007 during the celebration ceremony the 10th anniversary of Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong.[1]

The uniform was selected to give a more formal and clean image for troops in Hong Kong.

Service uniforms

Army uniforms

The Type 97 Army uniforms worn by PLA Ground Force in Hong Kong and Macau continued to feature an olive green colored jacket and blue tie. Olive green caps and shirts were worn by officers. Formal dress pants continue to have yellow stripes. A lighter green shirt (with shoulder patch), berets and light olive green pants were worn by NCOs. Black boots are worn during formal ceremonies.

Navy Uniforms

The Type 97 Navy Uniforms had white and navy blue colors but was still in line with the traditional appearance worn on the Mainland. NCO worn white shirts with strip collar and blue pants. Black boots worn during formal ceremonies.

Air Force Uniforms

The Type 97 Air Force Uniforms had white and blue colors but was still in line with the traditional appearance worn on the Mainland. Black boots worn during formal ceremonies.

Combat & Training Uniforms

Combat & Training Uniforms were the older Type 87 Combat & Training Uniforms originally introduced in the 1980s, but slowly began to add camouflage after 2000.

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