Tyerrernotepanner language

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North Midland Tasmanian
Region North-eastern Tasmania
Ethnicity North Midland tribe of Tasmanians
Extinct 19th century
Northeastern Tasmanian
  • Tyerrernotepanner
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog neta1235  overlap unclear[1]

North Midland Tasmanian, or Tyerrernotepanner ("Cheranotipana"), was an aboriginal language of northeastern Tasmania, along the Tamar River and inland of Ben Lomond and Great Oyster Bay.

Tyerrernotepanner is attested in the 125 words of the Port Dalrymple vocabulary collected by J.-P. Gaimard in the Tamar River region. It is most closely related to Northeastern Tasmanian, and Bowern considers it a variety of that language.[3] However, was divergent, and Dixon & Crowley believe that it must have been a distinct language.[4]


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