Turkish New Zealanders

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Turkish New Zealanders
Total population
plus a further 1,600 Turkish Cypriots[2])
Regions with significant populations
Wellington  · Dunedin  · Christchurch  · Auckland
New Zealand English, Turkish

Turkish New Zealanders or New Zealand Turks refers to Turkish people who are New Zealand citizens or residents living in New Zealand, or people who are of Turkic descent. Although a small community, Turks are the most visible middle eastern community residing in New Zealand. Many operate their own businesses specialising in tradition Turkish food, such as kebab, baklava, and Turkish delight.[3]


According to New Zealand census figures, the number of residents born in Turkey is steadily increasing (note that these figures do not include New Zealand-born Turks):

Year Turkish population
1921 21
1951 28
1976 201
2001 396
2006 600
(Source: New Zealand Census) [4]

Notable people

New Zealand Turkish Society Inc. www.turkish.org.nz

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  • Pearl of the Islands Foundation, a Turkish cultural foundation in New Zealand
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