Serbs in Turkey

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Turkish Serbs
Срби у Турској
Srbi u Turskoj
Total population
15,000[1] (2010)
Regions with significant populations
Istanbul, Gallipoli
Turkish and Serbian
Sunni Islam and Serbian Orthodox

The Serbs in Turkey are Turkish citizens of Serbian descent or Serbia-born people who reside in Turkey.


During the age of the Ottoman Empire most of Serbia and the Balkans were under Turkish control, and many Serbs moved to Istanbul and Anatolia for reasons ranging from economic to forceful relocation. Many Janissaries were of Serbian descent and were taken as children from their homes and educated in Turkey. Some Serbs achieved political prominence and several Grand Viziers were born as Serbs.


According to the 1965 Census 6,599 Turkish citizen spoke Serbian as a first language and another 58,802 spoke Serbian as a second language.[2]

Notable people

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