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Tuff TV
Type digital broadcast television network
Branding TUFF TV
Country United States
Availability Nationwide via OTA digital television
(covering 33%)[1]
Slogan Are You Tuff Enuff?
Broadcast area
United States
Owner TUFF TV, Inc.
(Seals Entertainment Corporation)
Key people
Lou Seals
John Bonner
Chris Hannaford
Launch date
June 30, 2009
Official website

Tuff TV was an American digital broadcast television network targeted at men owned by the Tuff TV, Inc. Tuff TV launched on June 30, 2009, and ceased operations August 26, 2018. The network was founded by Lou Seals, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Seals Entertainment Corporation.

Tuff TV carried a mixture of sports (combat, motor and some team sport), lifestyle (outdoors, cooking), automotive, dramas, movies and talk show programming geared mainly at a young male audience. The network carried 3 hours of weekly E/I children’s programming to comply with federal broadcasting regulations. Stations affiliating with Tuff received five advertising minutes per hour and arrange cable carriage.[2]


Tuff TV was launched in 2009 as a joint venture between Luken Communications and TUFF TV Media Group LLC, owned by Tuff TV Founder Lou Seals. By July 2011, the network's main affiliates were Morris Family Broadcasting and NJR TV station groups.[2] In Mid-July 2014, Tuff TV started crowdfunding equity on SparkMarket.com to raise Investment capital, but was limited to those living in the state of Georgia.[3]

Tuff agreed to carry some games from the first season of the Fall Experimental Football League in October and November 2014.[4] Tuff relocated their offices to the GPB Media Building in Atlanta on June 8, 2016.[5] Broadcasting On Friday, July 15, 2016, Tuff took over its distribution feed from Luken Communications earlier than planned.[6]

Tuff TV, along with its parent company Seals Entertainment Company, ceased operations without announcement on August 26, 2018.


The following TV stations distribute TUFF TV over digital terrestrial television:

City Station Channel Owner


Phoenix K38IZ-D 38.2 Spanish Independent Broadcast Network


Fayetteville KFLU-LD 20.4 DTV America Corporation


Fresno KVHF-LP 4.2 Cocola Broadcasting
Ridgecrest (Los Angeles DMA) KZGN-LD 21.2 Wiknich Broadcasting Corporation


Cortez K26CI-D 27.4 Southwest Colorado TV Translator Association
Denver KHDT-LD 16.5 Syncom Media Group


Orlando WHDO-CD 38.1 Local HDTV Inc.
Live Oak (Jacksonville DMA) WKBJ-LD 20.4 DTV America Corporation
St. Augustine (Jacksonville DMA) WQXT-CD 28.3 A1A TV, Inc.


Atlanta WDNV-LD 12.7 Prism Broadcasting


Aurora (Chicago) WPVN-CD 24.3 Polnet Communications


Indianapolis WSDI-LD 30.3 DTV America
Salem (Louisville DMA) WRLW-CD 17.3 Rebecca L. White


Sublette KDGL-LD 23.2 High Plains Broadcasting
Wichita KSMI-LP 51.4 Digital Networks


East Bernstadt/London WOBZ-LD 9.3 ARK-TV, Inc.


Crowley (Lafayette) K36MG-D 36 DTV America Corporation Launch Date Expected Mid-Late 2017/Station Currently Off Air
Lake Charles KYTH-LD 43.6 C. Dowen Johnson


Detroit WHNE-LD 14.4 Tait Broadcasting LLC


Alexandria K47OQ-D 47.1 Selective TV, Inc.


St. Louis WODK-LD 45.6 DTV America Corporation


Missoula K34MJ-D 34.3 Weese Enterprises


Las Vegas KHMP-LD 18.2 Pahrump Media Group
Reno KCNL-LD 3.3 Prism Broadcasting

New Hampshire

Charlestown WYCU 26.2 Crosshill Communications

New Jersey

Atlantic City WMCN-TV 44.2 Lenfest Broadcasting

New Mexico

Albuquerque KYNM-CD 21.2 Belmax Broadcasting

New York

Albany WYBN-LD 14.3 Cable Ad Net New York, Inc.
Buffalo WBXZ-LP 56.5 Steven Ritchie
Rochester WBGT-CD 46.3 Vision Communications

North Carolina

Asheville WASV 50.3 Digital Networks
Charlotte WHKY-TV 14.3 Long Communications
Manteo (Norfolk DMA) W30DN-D 30.1 Lawrence F. Loesch


Canton WEKA-LD 41.7 DTV America Corporation
Cincinnati WOTH-CD 20.6 Elliot Block


Oklahoma City KBZC-LD 42.2 DTV America Corporation
Tulsa KZLL-LD 39.2 DTV America Corporation

South Dakota

Rapid City KRPC-LP 33.3 Digital Networks


Alexandria/Nashville WRTN-LD 6.5 Richard C. & Lisa A. Goetz
Chattanooga WOOT 6.4 Digital Networks


Amarillo KAUO-LD 15.3 DTV America Corporation
Austin KADF-LD 20.2 Joseph W. Shaffer
Beaumont KAOB-LD 27.6 C. Dowen Johnson


Salt Lake City KPDR-LD 19.2 Craig and Marilyn Caples & William Mitchell


Yakima K38OI-D 38.4 Grupo Hispanavision

West Virginia

Williamson WHJC-LP 27.2 Four Winds Television Inc.


Milwaukee WTSJ-LP 38.6 DTV America

Seals Entertainment

Seals Entertainment Corporation, also Sealsco, is a TV media company which got its start in sports news production. The company also has a set of digital TV networks, Tuff TV, Flicks TV, MotoWorld Network, Go Channel, and Rocky TV. Five additional digital broadcast networks have under development by the company for 2 years.

Seals Entertainment (www.Sealsco.com) started in October 1984 with the production of MotoWorld motorcycle sports TV news magazine, which ran for 20 years on multiple channels including ESPN, TNN/Spike TV and USA.[7] That branded was expanded with a spinoff show, MotoWorld 2 Rev It Up!, on ESPN2 for racing, both motorcycles and autos.[8]

MotoWorld was then next used for an online live streaming service started in 1999 which featured motorcycle races.[8] Tuff TV was launched in 2009 as a joint venture between Luken Communications and TUFF TV Media Group LLC, owned by Tuff TV Founder Lou Seals.[2] On January 11, 2017, Seals Entertainment announced MotoWorld Network would be launched as a digital TV network.[8] Sealsco followed that announcement up with additional announcements of a slate of new digital networks, Go Channel, Rocky TV and Flicks TV, over the course of a week.[9]


  • Tuff TV (2009) male focus[2]
  • MotoWorld Network (2018) [8]
  • Go Channel (2018) active type person focus[10]
  • Rocky TV (2018) animals[11]
  • Flicks TV (2018) original movies with themed nights[9]


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  • Official website
  • Seals Entertainment Corporation (Sealsco), parent corporation
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