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Stern of Triomphant represented for the Trianon collection.

The Trianon model collection is a set of high-quality ship models ordered by Napoléon for documentary purposes.


In July 1810 Denis Decrès ordered 13 models to be constructed specially for the collection, while others, already built, were gathered.[1] The models were built to a luxurious standard, with precious woods such as ebony and ivory used for the sculptures.


Type Ship classes Armament Picture of the model Ship Note
Three-decker ship of the line Océan class 118 guns Océan mp3h9332.jpg Océan MnM 13 MG 20. Design by Sané
80-gun Two-decker ship of the line Tonnant and Bucentaure class 80 guns Friedland[2] Design by Sané
74-gun Two-decker ship of the line Téméraire class 74 guns Triomphant-MnM 17 MG 2-IMG 8587-white.jpg Triomphant MnM 17 MG 2. Design by Sané
64-gun Two-decker ship of the line Artésien class 64 guns
French ship Artesien mp3h9745.jpg
Artésien[3] MnM 13 MG 3. The model represents an older type of ship and was selected, already built, to be displayed a Trianon.
18-pounder Frigate Armide class 44 guns Flore img 0336.jpg Flore[4] MnM 17 MG 10. Design by Pierre Rolland
12-pounder Frigate Galathée class 32 guns Renommée[5] A model of the 18-pounder frigate Renommée (1806) was taken for this one, but the model of the Trianon collection is known to have been a 12-pounder frigate
Corvette - 22 carronades Bayadère[6] Model never completed
Brig 16 guns Espérance-IMG 8703.JPG Espérance[7] MnM 21 MG 33 Representative but fictitious ship. Model built especially for the Trianon collection.
Fluyt Licorne-class fluyt 24 carronades and 2 guns Normande-IMG 8864.jpg Normande[8] MnM 17 MG 12
Stable-Scow Scale model of Lionne-MnM 17 MG 14-IMG 5938-white.jpg Lionne[9] Design by François Pestel
Stable-Barge Unnamed[10]
Sloop-gunboat (chaloupe-canonière)
Cutter - 16 guns Cotre-IMG 8831.jpg Unidentified[11] Design by Philippe Gresle
Xebec Requin class 24 guns Scale model of a 24-gun xebec-MnM 13 MG 13-IMG 1399.JPG Requin[12] The model represents an older type of ship and was selected, already built, to be displayed a Trianon.
Tartane Model now lost [12]
Gunboat (bateau canonnier)
Caïque - 1 gun and 1 howitzer Unnamed[13]
Barge - 20 guns Foudroyante-IMG 8846-white.jpg Foudroyante[14] MnM 17 MG 18 Representative but fictitious ship, distinct from the Foudroyante of 1795. Ancient model restored for the Trianon collection but never completed. Design by Pierre-Alexandre Forfait.

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