Treasurer of Tasmania

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Treasurer of Tasmania
Peter Gutwein
Style The Honourable
Appointer Governor of Tasmania
Term length At the Governor's pleasure

The Treasurer of Tasmania is the title held by the Cabinet Minister who is responsible for the financial management of Tasmania’s budget sector.

List of Tasmanian Treasurers

Treasurer Party Term[1]
Thomas Chapman 1856–1857
Charles Meredith 1857–1857
Thomas Chapman 1862–1863
Charles Meredith 1863–1866
Thomas Chapman 1866–1872
Frederick Innes 1872–1873
Philip Fysh 1873–1875
Frederick Innes 1875–1876
Charles Meredith 1876–1877
William Giblin 1877–1878
David Lewis 1878–1879
William Giblin 1879–1881
John Stokell Dodds 1881–1884
William Burgess Liberal 1884–1887
Bolton Bird Revenue Tariff Party 1887–1892
John Henry 1892–1894
Philip Fysh 1894–1898
Edward Braddon Free Trade 1899–1899
Bolton Bird Revenue Tariff Party 1899–1903
William Propsting Liberal-Democrat 1903–1904
Charles Stewart 1904–1905
John Evans Anti-Socialist 1905–1906
Don Urquhart Free Trade 1906–1909
Elliott Lewis Anti-Socialist 1909–1909
James Ogden Labor 1909–1909
Elliott Lewis Anti-Socialist 1909–1912
Herbert Payne Nationalist 1912–1914
Joseph Lyons Labor 1914–1916
Neil Lewis Nationalist 1916–1922
Walter Lee Nationalist 1922–1923
Joseph Lyons Labor 1923–1928
John McPhee Nationalist 1928–1934
Walter Lee Nationalist 1934–1934
Edmund Dwyer-Gray Labor 1934–1939
Robert Cosgrove Labor 1939–1939
Edmund Dwyer-Gray Labor 1939–1945
Robert Cosgrove Labor 1945–1947
William Brooker Labor 1947–1948
John Madden Labor 1948–1956
Reginald Turnbull Labor 1956–1958
Robert Cosgrove Labor 1958–1958
Eric Reece Labor 1958–1958
Reginald Turnbull Labor 1958–1959
Bill Neilson Labor 1959–1959
Eric Reece Labor 1959–1969
Walter Bethune Liberal Party 1969–1972
Eric Reece Labor 1972–1975
William Neilson Labor 1975–1977
Neil Batt Labor 1977–1979
Doug Lowe Labor 1979–1980
Neil Batt Labor 1980–1980
Doug Lowe Labor 1980–1981
Harry Holgate Labor 1981–1982
Robin Gray Liberal Party 1982–1989
Michael Field Labor 1989–1992
Ray Groom Liberal Party 1992–1993
Tony Rundle Liberal Party 1993–1998
David Crean Labor 1998–2004
Paul Lennon Labor 2004–2006
Michael Aird Labor 2006–2010
Lara Giddings Labor 2010–2014
Peter Gutwein Liberal Party 2014–present


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