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Titus Flavius Genialis (Latin: T. Flavius Genialis)[1] was Praetorian prefect with Tullius Crispinus in 193 AD. He was appointed by Didius Julianus, who had just bought the throne from the Guard. Even in the face of Julianus' rapidly deteriorating political position, Genialis remained utterly loyal.[2] However, he could not prevent the Senate from condemning or executing Julianus as they did on behalf of Septimus Severus who succeeded Julianus as Emperor of Rome.

In 185, Genialis appears to have been tribunus cohortis, or commander, of a presumably praetorian cohort.[3]



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Preceded by
Quintus Aemilius Laetus
Praetorian prefect of the Roman Empire
With: Tullius Crispinus
Succeeded by
Flavius Juvenalis
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