Timeline of Maharashtra history

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  • 600 BC: One of the 16 great janapadas, named as Ashmaka
  • 230 BC to 225 AD: ruled by the Satavahanas
  • 250 to 525: The Vakatakas brought Vidharba under their rule.
  • 550 to 760: Ruled by the Chalukyas (Badami Chalukyas)
  • 640: Chinese pilgrim Xuanzang visited Maharashtra
  • 973: Rashtrakutas rule comes to an end
  • 973 to 1180: Ruled by the Chalukyas(Western Chalukyas or Kalyani Chalukyas)
  • 1189 to 1310: Ruled by the Yadavas of Deogiri (Seunas)
  • 1296: Alla-ud-din Khilji, the first Muslim sultan of the north penetrates the Deccan, defeats the Yadavas and carried away a huge booty.
  • 1534: Portuguese occupy Mumbai
  • 1659: Shivaji captures Satara from Sultanate of Bijapur, leads revolt against the Mughal empire
  • 1661: Mumbai transferred from Portugal to Britain
  • 1668: British government transfers Mumbai to British East India Company
  • 1674: Shivaji declares himself King of the Marathas (see Maratha empire)
  • 1680: Shivaji dies
  • 1689: Sambhaji dies
  • 1707: Shahu I become Chhatrapati of the Maratha Empire
  • 1720: Bajirao I becomes Peshwa (Prime Minister)
  • 1740: Death of Bajirao I
  • 1756: Marathas capture the town of Attock (now in north-west Pakistan). Maratha empire reaches its largest extent.
  • 14 January 1761: Maratha defeat at Third Battle of Panipat.
  • 1775–1782: First Anglo-Maratha War
  • 1803–1805: Second Anglo-Maratha War
  • 1817–1818: Third Anglo-Maratha War
  • 3 June 1818: Peshwa Bajirao II surrenders to the British
  • 15 August 1947: India becomes independent
  • 1 November 1956: Bombay state enlarged to include all of present Maharashtra.
  • 1 May 1960: Bombay state split along linguistic lines into new states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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