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Tim Flach
Nationality British
Education Saint Martin's School of Art[citation needed]
Occupation photography
Website timflach.com (requires Flash)

Tim Flach (born 16 April 1958) is a British photographer famous for his photographs of animals. He has published several books of photographs.


Flach was born in London, where he works and lives with his wife and son.[1] He studied Communications Design at the North East London Polytechnic, and then Photography and Painted Structures at Central St. Martins.[2]


Flach is concerned with how the anthropocentric view of animals informs debates around science, philosophy and ethics.[3] He often employs principles of human portraiture to raise these issues in his images, and attempts to connect viewer and subject by focusing on the animal’s personality.[4][5] Increasingly, Flach explores visual storytelling and the role of art in scientific communication.[6]

Much of Flach’s work is driven by communication, believing that “we must be emotionally touched to spur us into action”. He was influenced by Linda Kalof et al’s 2011 study, which concluded, “Placing animal representations in a visual context that is usually associated with human representation had the effect of enhancing feelings of kinship.”[7] His compositional approach is continually influenced by fine art and by scientific investigations into image-perception.[8][9]

Flach’s work with wildlife in natural settings aims to incorporate habitats and ecosystems into the modern stories of human-animal relationships.[10][11] The existential interdependence of humans, animals and the environment is a central concern of Endangered, his 2017 collection of endangered species photographs, which investigates habitat destruction and species extinction.[12] Professor Jonathan Baillie calls the book “a unique experiment exploring the role of imagery in fostering an emotional connection with species and their habitats”.[13]

His work has been commissioned and featured by publications such as National Geographic,[14] Creative Review,[15] The New York Times,[16] The Guardian[17] and The New Scientist.[18] He has lectured at universities worldwide,[19] as well as at institutions such as the Zoological Society of London[20] and the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.[21] He has released five books to date: Equus (2008), Dogs: Gods (2010), More Than Human (2012), Evolution (2013) and Endangered (2017).[22]


Norwich University of the Arts, Honorary Doctorate[23]

Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society[24]

Honorary Fellow of the British Institute for Professional Photography[25]

D&AD Awards, 2 Yellow Pencils, 12 Wood Pencils[26]

Graphis, 2 Platinum Awards, 4 Gold Awards, 3 Silver Awards[27]

International Photography Awards, Professional Photographer of the Year for Fine Art[28]

Cannes Lions International Awards for Creativity, 3 Golden Lions[29]



2011 Dogs Gods, Dubinsky Fine Arts, Zurich, Switzerland [30]

2011 Dogs Gods, Bailly Contemporain, Paris, France [31]

2009 Equus II, Independent Photographers Gallery, Battle, England [32]


2017 Endangered: Species Behind the Lens, Zoological Society of London, UK [33]

2015 PPA Imaging USA, Nashville 2015 [34]


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