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Threat assessment is the practice of determining the credibility and seriousness of a potential threat, as well as the probability that the threat will become a reality.[1][2][3] There are three major components to threat assessment:

  • Identifying the threats to commit a potential unfavorable act.
  • Determining the seriousness of the threats.
  • Developing intervention plans to protect potential victims, and addressing the underlying root of the problem that stimulated the threatening behavior.

Areas of need

A threat assessment can be applied to many industries and is commonly used to help ensure school safety. Professionals work to identify and help potential offenders, guide students to overcome the risks of becoming victims of suicide, alcohol and drug use, physical abuse, dropping out, as well as criminal activity due to underlying sources of anger, hopelessness or despair.

Another area in which threat assessments are performed is risk management. Information security risk managers often perform a threat assessment before developing a plan to mitigate those threats.[4]

Background checks

When assessing whether an individual poses a threat, it is important to complete a background check or a personal check. If someone has a history of depression, bullying, or abuse, this can raise the potential that the individual may pose a threat. For a personal check, one should assess whether the person displays traits of a psychopath, sociopath, any branch of antisocial personality disorder, or any potential disorders that may cause them to inflict harm upon others.

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