The Voice of Germany (season 5)

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The Voice of Germany
Season 5
Broadcast from October 15 (2015-10-15) – December 17, 2015 (2015-12-17)
Judges Rea Garvey
Michi & Smudo
Stefanie Kloß
Andreas Bourani
Host(s) Thore Schölermann
Lena Gercke
Broadcaster ProSieben and Sat.1
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz
ESC2016 - Germany 09.jpg
Origin Bennigsen, Lower Saxony
Song "Ghost"
Genre(s) Pop
Coach Michi & Smudo
Ayke Witt

The Voice of Germany (season 5) is a German reality talent show that premiered on 15 October 2015 on ProSieben and Sat.1. Based on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland, the series was created by Dutch television producer John de Mol. It is part of an international series. Stefanie Kloß Rea Garvey and Michi & Smudo returned as coaches for season 5. while Andreas Bourani was a new coach for season 5. Thore Schölermann Returned as Host for season 5. Lena Gercke was the co host. The season was won by Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, who had already performed The Hanging Tree, which was her song at the blind auditions, for Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 premiere in Berlin.

The Blind Auditions

The castings for the fifth season took place in February and March 2015, but were not shown on television. The Blind Auditions were recorded at the Studio Adlershof in Berlin from July 6 to 9, 2015 and were broadcast on eight television programs from October 15 to November 6, 2015. The jury selected 68 candidates, including four duos and two trios. Each team was filled with 17 participants.

The Battles

The Battle Round was recorded on 1 and 2 September 2015 in Berlin and broadcast from 12 to 20 November 2015 in four episodes. Within each team, the 17 candidates were divided into seven one-on-one duels and a triple battle. The respective coach chose one of the Battle participants as the winner and came directly into the Knockout. As seen in the third and fourth season, the losing candidates could have the chance to be stolen by another coaches. All four coaches each took two candidates from the triple battle, so after the Battles, ten participants per team went into the Knockout.

Color key:

       Participants won the Battle and advanced to the Knockouts
       Participants lost the Battle but was stolen by another coach and advanced to the Knockouts
       Participants lost the Battle and was eliminated
Episode Coach Order Winner Song Loser 'Steal' result
Rea Stefanie Michi & Smudo Andreas
9 Rea Garvey 1 Denise Beiler "Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)" Rachelle Jeanty N/A Crystal Clear app clean.svg
Andreas Bourani 2 Can Yalin "9 Crimes" Debby van Dooren N/A
Stefanie Kloß 3 Dimi Rompos "Changing" Marlene Wieser N/A Crystal Clear app clean.svg
Michi & Smudo 4 Carl Ellis "The World's Greatest" Cuba Stern Junior N/A
Stefanie Kloß 5 Isabel Ment "Hero" Norman Strauss N/A
Andreas Bourani 6 Alicia-Awa Beissert "1 Thing" Dijana Jashari Crystal Clear app clean.svg N/A
Rea Garvey 7 Alexander Wolff "My Way" Marc Huschke N/A
10 Stefanie Kloß 1 Cheryl Vorsterman van Oijen "Don't Let Go (Love)" Jaqueline Stürmer N/A Crystal Clear app clean.svg
Andreas Bourani 2 Michael Bauereiß "You Get What You Give" Markus Buck Team full N/A
Rea Garvey 3 Clara Rothländer "Hold My Hand" Gella Scheven & Jonny-Lee Möller N/A
Michi & Smudo 4 Elly Vardanian "Glory Box" Ute Ullrich
Stefanie Kloß 5 Milos Malesevic "Cryin'" Natascha Herrmann N/A
Andreas Bourani 6 Samuel Türksoy "Photograph" Anna Zuegg N/A
Stefanie Kloß 7 Mitchy & André Katawaz "Uptown Funk" Nastassja Andrearczyk N/A
Rea Garvey 8 Konstantin Kuhn "Back to Black" Tiffany Kemp N/A Crystal Clear app clean.svg
11 Stefanie Kloß 1 Cihan Morsünbül "Ich will nur" Mimi Elsässer & Markus Bremm N/A Team full Team full
Michi & Smudo 2 Matthias Nzola Zanquila "Am I Wrong" Mary Summer Crystal Clear app clean.svg
Andreas Bourani 3 Lamin Chaib "Nichts geht mehr" Sarah-Ann Stenglein
Rea Garvey 4 Joshua Harfst "Hold Back the River" Roma Schneider N/A
Stefanie Kloß 5 Linus Bruhn "Riptide" Anny & Lissy Klein N/A
Michi & Smudo 6 Jazzy Gudd "Fühlt sich wie fliegen an" Julian Adler Crystal Clear app clean.svg
Andreas Bourani 7 Aitana Zienert Navas "Little Talks" SameDay Records Team full
Michi & Smudo 8 Alegra Weng "Stadt" Anja Backus & Johannes Leis-Bendorff
Rea Garvey 9 Sarah Trumpfheller "Angels" Sabrina Gerard N/A
12 Michi & Smudo 1 Tobias Vorwerk "Hey Ya!" Lisa Carter Team full Team full Team full
Andreas Bourani 2 Ayke Witt "Keinen Zentimeter" Anina Sara Baumgartner
Rea Garvey 3 Oscar Ivo Ackermann "Venus" Die LADYs N/A
Michi & Smudo 4 Azim Touré und Robin Carpe "Like I Love You" Dany Fernandez Peralta & Steve vom Wege
Stefanie Kloß 5 Daniela Hertje "Lovefool" Mishka Mackova Crystal Clear app clean.svg
Andreas Bourani 6 Rebecca Strumpen "The Best" Nicole Basan & Andrea Zug Team full
Rea Garvey 7 Josephine Seehawer "Counting Stars" Jonas Stuch
Michi & Smudo 8 Jamie-Lee Kriewitz "Royals" Meike Rosendahl


Coach Contestant Songs Televoting and Downloads in %
1. Michi & Smudo Jamie-Lee Kriewitz Winner Single "Ghost" 38,29
Duet with Guest Artist "Take Me Home" with Jess Glynne
2. Andreas Bourani Ayke Witt Winner Single "Bis gleich" 22,95
Duet with Guest Artist "Melodie" with Cro
3. Andreas Bourani Tiffany Kemp Winner Single "Have You Ever Been In Love" 21,88
Duet with Guest Artist "Stay Like This" with James Morrison
4. Stefanie Kloß Isabel Ment Winner Single "In Reverse" 16,89
Duet with Guest Artist "Army" with Ellie Goulding

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