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The Voice: Ahla Sawt
ذا فويس: أحلى صوت
Genre Reality television
Created by John de Mol
Presented by Aimée Sayah
Mohammad Kareem
Nadine Njeim
Arwa Gouda
Judges Assi El Helani (1–present)
Sherine (1–3)
Saber Rebaï (1–3)
Kazem al-Saher (1–3)
Elissa (4–present)
Ahlam (4–present)
Mohamed Hamaki (4) Bashar Al Shatti (5)
Country of origin Middle East and North Africa Arab world
Original language(s) Arabic
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 56
Original network Middle East Broadcasting Center, Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International
Original release 14 September 2012 – present
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The Voice: Ahla Sawt (Arabic: ذا فويس: أحلى صوت‎) is the Arabic version of Dutch show The Voice of Holland created by John de Mol and produced by Talpa Media Group. The first season of Arab world's version of The Voice debuted on 14 September 2012 and was broadcast worldwide from Beirut, Lebanon via MBC 1, a pan-Arabian television station.[1] Through an agreement, the show was also simulcast via LBCI's channels. This season's main host was Egyptian actor Mohammad Kareem [2] and Arwa Gouda. Nadine Njeim hosted from backstage.

The format of The Voice: Ahla Sawt has three stages, which are the blind auditions, the battle rounds, and the live performances. In the blind auditions, each contestant will be allowed to sing for 90 seconds with each of the coaches having their backs to the singer. When a coach wants a singer on their team, the coach presses a red button that results in the chair being turned around to reveal who the singer is to that coach and the singer joining their team. If two or more coaches turn around for that singer, the singer gets to decide which team they want to join. Each coach will have to select 12 singers to form their team from a group of 100 contestants.[3]

Once the blind auditions finish, the battle rounds will begin where the coaches will pair two singers on each team to compete against each other singing the same song on stage. The coaches will then have to decide which contestant will stay and which will be eliminated. After a series of eliminations, live performances will occur where the public can decide which singer will represent the Arab World as "The Voice".

The winner of season 1 of The Voice Ahla Sawt was Murad Bouriki from Team Assi who received the highest number of votes beating out Yousra Mahnouch, Farid Ghannam, and Qusai Hatem.

Due to the high ratings and the big popularity the series got in the Arab World, MBC renewed the show for a second season which was aired in 2013. All 4 coaches of season 1 came back for season 2. The second season premiered on Saturday, 28 December 2013.

The Voice Ahla Sawt seasons 1 and 2 were produced by Sony Pictures Television Arabia for MBC and Season 3 was produced by Talpa Middle East.

In season two, during an intense finale which drew millions of viewers across the Middle East and saw guest star Ricky Martin take the stage to perform his new songs "Adrenalina" and "Come With Me". Iraq's Sattar Saad from Team Kazem won the title after receiving the highest number of votes beating out Iraq's Simor Jalal, Egypt's Wahm and Syria's Hala Al Kaseer.[4][5]

All four coaches once again returned for season three of The Voice Ahla Sawt, which started airing on MBC on 26 September 2015. On 26 December 2015, the winner of season three was Jordan's Nedaa Sharara from Team Sherine who beat out Lebanon's Christine Said from Team Kazem, Iraq's Ali Yousef from Team Assi, and Tunisia's Hamza Fadlaoui from Team Saber.

In 2015, a spin-off of the show featuring children as contestants debuted under the title The Voice Kids - Ahla Sawt.

In 2018, there was a change in the judging panel. The season 4 judges were Elissa, Mohamed Hamaki, Assi El Helani (who has not been replaced since season 1) and Ahlam. The title was won by Iraqi contestant Doumou' Tahseen from Team Ahlam.

The Voice coaches

Series overview

Color key

  •      Team Kazem al-Saher
  •      Team Sherine
  •      Team Saber Rebaï
  •      Team Assi El Helani
  •      Team Mohamed Hamaki
  •      Team Ahlam
  •      Team Elissa
  •      Team Wael Kfoury
  •      Team Nancy Ajram
Season Period Winner Runner-up Other finalists Winning coach Host(s) Coaches
1 2 3 4
1 14/09/2012
Mourad Bouriki Yousra Mahnouch Qusai Hatem Assi El Helani Mohammed Kareem
Arwa Goudeh
Nadine Njeim
Kazem Sherine Saber Assi
Fareed Ghannam
2 28/12/2013
Sattar Saad Hala Al Quasser Simour Jalal Kazem al-Saher Mohammed Kareem
Aimée Sayah
Nadine Njeim
3 27/09/2015
Nedaa Sharara Christine Saïd Ali Youssef Sherine Aimée Sayah
Hamza Al Fadlaoui
4 10/02/2018
Dumu' Tahseen Issam Sarhan Yusuf Sultan Ahlam Nardine Farag
Badr Al Zaidan
Hamaki Ahlam Elissa
Hela Melki
5 TBA/TBA/2019


Wael Nancy
Season Period Winner Other Finalists Winning Coach Other Coaches Channel
14 September –
14 December 2012
Morocco Mourad Bouriki Morocco Farid Ghannam
Iraq Qusai Hatem
Tunisia Yousra Mahnouch
Lebanon Assi El Helani Iraq Kazem al-Saher
Tunisia Saber Rebaï
Egypt Sherine
28 December 2013 –
29 March 2014
Iraq Sattar Saad Syria Hala Al Qasser
Iraq Simour Jalal
Egypt Wahm
Iraq Kazem al-Saher Lebanon Assi El Helani
Tunisia Saber Rebaï
Egypt Sherine
27 September 2015 –
26 December 2015
Jordan Nedaa Sharara Iraq Ali Yousef
LebanonUnited States Christine Said
Tunisia Hamza Al Fadlaoui
Egypt Sherine Lebanon Assi El Helani
Iraq Kazem al-Saher
Tunisia Saber Rebaï
MBC Masr
10 February 2018 –
12 May 2018
Iraq Dumu' Tahseen MoroccoIssam Sarhan
KuwaitYusuf Sultan
TunisiaHela Melki
United Arab Emirates Ahlam Lebanon Assi El Helani
Egypt Mohamed Hamaki
Lebanon Elissa
2019 –
Lebanon Wael Kfoury

Lebanon Elissa

LebanonNancy Ajram

LebanonAssi El Helani

The Voice Finalists

Color key
     – Winning coach and their team.
Winners are in bold, finalists in finale listed first, eliminated artists are in small font.
Season Coaches
Assi El Helani Saber Rebaï Sherine Kazem al-Saher
1 Morocco Mourad Bouriki
Lebanon Mory Hatem
Tunisia Hassan Amarah
Lebanon Elie Asmar
Algeria Marina Chebel
Syria Inas Lattouf
Iraq Qusai Hatem
Morocco Lamia Zaïdi
Egypt Samer Abu Taleb
Tunisia Lamia Jamal
Lebanon Christian Abu Anni
Morocco Mona Roukhachi
Morocco Farid Ghannam
Morocco Mohammad Adli
Egypt Enji Amin
Egypt Abdel Azeem El Zahabi
Saudi Arabia Alaa Ahmad
Morocco Yousra Mansour
Tunisia Yousra Mahnouch
Syria Nour Ereksousi
Lebanon Xriss Jor

Lebanon Rouba Khouri
Lebanon Roni Shemali
Syria Rawdan Katrish
2 Syria Hala Al Qasser
Iraq Adnan Bresim
Lebanon Ghazi Al-Amir
Syria Reem Mehrat
Iraq Amer Tawfik
Morocco Sahar Seddiki
LebanonSweden Rabih Jaber
Morocco Nadia Khaless
Iraq Simour Jalal
Iraq Mohammed Fares
Egypt Marwa Nagy
Iraq Samer Al-Saeed
Jordan Eyad al-Quassam
Lebanon Nancy Nasrallah
Tunisia Aïda Mohammed
Egypt Hossam Hosny
Egypt Wahm
Sudan Nile
Iraq Karar Salah
Egypt Khaled El-Khayat
Tunisia Mohamed Dahleb
Morocco Mahmoud Tourabi
Lebanon Wael Al Muallem
Egypt Alaa Fouad
Iraq Sattar Saad
Morocco Khaoula Moujahid
Syria Ammar Khattab
Lebanon Ahmad Hussein
Syria Ghazi Khattab
Lebanon Ingrid Bawab
Morocco Sanae Abdel-Hamid
IraqMehvan Saleh
3 Iraq Ali Yousef
LebanonAustralia Omar Dean
Tunisia Nayress Ben Gaga
Egypt Rehab Saleh
Egypt Ahmed Nasser
Lebanon Hossam Al Shami
Tunisia Hamza Al Fadlaoui
Syria Aboud Barmada
Tunisia Mahrazia Al Tawil
Lebanon Jad Abi Haydar
Lebanon Ranine Al Shaar
Morocco Abdulsamad Jabran
Jordan Nedaa Sharara
Tunisia Ghassan Bin Ibrahim
Egypt Eyad Baha'a
Saudi Arabia Abdulmajeed Ibrahim
Sudan Mohamed Al Tayeb
Egypt Reham Mustafa
LebanonUnited States Christine Said
Morocco Najat Rajoui
Syria Radwan Sadek
Lebanon Tamer Najm
Sudan Amjad Shaker
Algeria Nasser Atoui
Stolen contestants italicized


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