The Troubles in popular culture

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The Northern Ireland Troubles have been referenced numerous times in popular culture, particularly through films, novels, songs and poems. This article aims to provide a complete list of such works.




Instrumental compositions


Short Stories



Poem Poet
Ceasefire Michael Longley
Ballad of Claudy James Simmons
Belfast Confetti Ciarán Carson
Casualty Seamus Heaney
Punishment Seamus Heaney
There Are Too Many Saviours on My Cross Dr. T. James



Video games

  • Block H is an interactive installation which includes a Counter-Strike mini-mod with maps changed to Belfast and standard player skins changed to Loyalists and Nationalists.[11]
  • MMORPG The Hooded Gunman[12] has caused major controversy.[13] It includes drug-dealing and gunrunning as primary means of raising funds, which can later be used to organize riots and other illegal actions.
  • The Fidelio Incident is an adventure game featuring a Northern Irish couple, Stanley and Leanore, stranded in Icelandic wilderness following a plane crash. The game revolves around Stanley's attempts (at Leonore's insistence) to find and erase the evidence of their identities, specifically related to Stanley's past as an unwitting bomber for the IRA.


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