The Spawn of Fashan

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The Spawn of Fashan is a role-playing game published by The Games of Fashan in 1981.


The Spawn of Fashan is a fantasy system.[1] The rulebook includes a character-creation system, combat rules, guidelines for creating wilderness, towns, and dungeons, monster descriptions, a brief description of a campaign setting (the land of "Boosboodle"), and an example of play.[1]

Publication history

The Spawn of Fashan was designed by Kirby Lee Davis, and published by The Games of Fashan in 1981 as a 96-page book, part typeset, part typewriter.[1] The second edition was published that same year, and was fully typeset.[1]


Ronald Pehr reviewed The Spawn of Fashan in The Space Gamer No. 49.[2] Pehr commented that "The Spawn of Fashan is a fascinating set of fantasy combat rules which are trying to become a full role-playing game [...] its current value seems limited to experienced FRPG players who want something novel. Beginners will be baffled, and gamers happy with their current rules will find little reason to journey to the far planet of Fashan."[2]

Lawrence Schick describes the game: "Hilariously bad fantasy system, legendary among RP game designers as the epitome of clichéd, amateurish FRP games. (Some maintain that it is so bad, it must be a hoax.) The rulebook includes a bizarrely complex character-creation system, painfully cumbersome combat rules [and] monster descriptions (with names like 'makl,' 'foklom,' 'finikor,' and 'rolmtrokl')".[1] He also notes that this game is a "highly collectible item".[1]



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