The Golden Cane Warrior

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The Golden Cane Warrior
Directed by Ifa Isfansyah
Produced by Mira Lesmana
Riri Riza
Written by Jujur Prananto
Story by Mira Lesmana
Riri Riza
Ifa Isfansyah
Eddie Cahyono
Starring Eva Celia
Nicholas Saputra
Reza Rahadian
Tara Basro
Christine Hakim
Slamet Rahardjo
Aria Kusumah
Darius Sinathrya
Prisia Nasution
Music by Erwin Gutawa
Miles Films
Distributed by Miles Films
Release date
  • 18 December 2014 (2014-12-18)
Running time
112 minutes
Country Indonesia Hong Kong
Language Indonesian Cantonese
Budget Rp 25 billion (USD 2 million)

The Golden Cane Warrior (Indonesian: Pendekar Tongkat Emas, Chinese: 黃金戰士 / 金杖戰士; pinyin: Jīn zhàng zhànshì/Huang jīn zhànshì; Jyutping: gam1 zoeng6 zin3 si6) is an Indonesian martial art film which deal with alternate history. It was released in 2014,[1] directed by Ifa Isfansyah, produced by Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza of Miles Films and stars Eva Celia, Nicholas Saputra, Reza Rahadian, Eva Celia, Tara Basro, Christine Hakim, Slamet Rahardjo, and Prisia Nasution.

The film revives the historical silat genre[2] which has not been present in Indonesia's film industry for years. While it depicts martial arts and violence, the film explores themes such as loyalty, integrity, ambition, and betrayal.


At the time of the Tang Dynasty, in the ancient Sichuan Province, Cempaka (Christine Hakim) is a silat master known as The Golden Cane Warrior. She has four disciples: Biru (Reza Rahadian), Gerhana (Tara Basro), Dara (Eva Celia) and Angin (Aria Kusumah); all of whom were children of enemies she defeated in the past. To one of them she would bequeath her powerful Golden Cane along with the ultimate technique. She eventually chose Dara, who initially felt uneasy about being the heir to the Golden Cane and thus become The Golden Cane Warrior herself.

However, before Cempaka got to teach the ultimate technique to Dara, she was betrayed by Biru and Gerhana who wanted the Golden Cane for themselves. They ambushed her as she was traveling to the place where she planned to teach Dara, along with Angin, whom she brings along to care for her deteriorating health. To give Dara and Angin the window to flee and save themselves, Cempaka fights Biru and Gerhana who manage to defeat and kill her. Later it is revealed that Gerhana was the one who had been secretly poisoning Cempaka with deadly snake venom.

Shocked by the betrayals of Biru and Gerhana as well as the death of Cempaka, Dara and Angin fled the scene but Biru and Gerhana caght up and attacked them. During the fight, Dara and Angin fell off a cliff but were saved by a mysterious man. Waking up from unconsciousness, Dara found that the man who saved her and Angin was Elang (Nicholas Saputra). Dara and Angin decided to embark on a mission to find The White Dragon Warrior, Cempaka's partner in the past. He was the only person left to teach Dara the ultimate technique of the Golden Cane. However, Elang warned them that they're not ready to find the warrior.

Angin was later caught by a group of Red Wing Warriors who were deceived by Biru and Gerhana into believing that Dara and Angin were responsible for the death of Cempaka after betraying her. The master of the Red Wing Warriors (Whani Darmawan), a close friend of Cempaka, helped Biru and Gerhana hunt Dara and Angin down not knowing that the real betrayers were the ones he trusted and was helping. Dara exchanged the Golden Cane in return for Angin alive with Biru and Gerhana. The two antagonists promised to let them go only to renege on their word. Trying to save Dara, Angin was later killed in the fight with Biru and Gerhana.

Angered by the death of Angin, Dara sneaks into the Red Wing Warriors compound, which Biru and Gerhana has taken over after killing the master with the same snake venom they used to poison Cempaka. Elang intervened and took her with him, knowing that she's not ready to fight Biru and Gerhana yet.

Elang apologized to Dara saying that he should have helped her saving Angin earlier but he cannot do so because he promised his father, who was later revealed to be The White Dragon Warrior (Darius Sinathriya) never to have anything to do with Cempaka, who was in fact White Dragon's past lover and his birth mother. He told Dara that his father was already dead and he was the only remaining person who knew the secret of the Golden Cane's ultimate technique. It was revealed that the technique that can only be done by two warriors. Dara realized at that moment that Cempaka meant to teach her and Angin the technique. She begs Elang to take her as his disciple, which he agreed to despite knowing that he was breaking the promise he made to his father. The Leader of the High Council (Slamet Rahardjo) advised against this move, but he decided to do otherwise.

Back at the former Red Wing Warriors compound, which Biru and Gerhana have transformed into their Golden Cane Warriors compound, Biru has become very violent; killing anyone unwilling to obey his words. It was later revealed as well that Biru and Gerhana were in fact lovers.

One day, Dara and Elang invaded the compound. She demanded that Biru return the Golden Cane in peace so that there will be no blood spilled. Biru refused and Dara had to challenge Biru and Gerhana to fight her and Elang fairly. The condition was no one must intervene. During the fight between Dara and Gerhana, a girl walks out of a room and Dara asked Gerhana to take the fight somewhere else as she did not want to kill Gerhana in front of her daughter. They pause for a moment but Gerhana attacked Dara who was caught off-guard. Dara, however, managed to defeat and kill Gerhana; making Biru angry. Biru blindly attacked Dara and Elang but was taken down by a blow, allowing Dara to snatch the Golden Cane. Biru got up, attacking Dara and Elang with a huge tree trunk. Dara and Elang started to spin holding the Golden Cane together; performing the Golden Cane's ultimate technique which killed Biru with a single blow.

Dara and Elang were later seen kissing and hugging; indicating that they have feelings for each other. However, the next morning, Elang left Dara who was saddened by his departure. Elang was seen talking to the Leader of the High Council, also Elang's Uncle, saying he was ready to serve the punishment for breaking the promise he made to his father. Dara, back at Cempaka's old barn, was seen teaching Biru and Gerhana's daughter martial arts; just as Cempaka took the children of her defeated enemies as her disciples.

Cast (in chinese names.)


Ifa Isfansyah, who previously received critical acclaim for his direction on Sang Penari, winning the Citra Award for Best Director, direct the film with Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza of Miles Films receiving credits for producing. The filming process takes place in East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara[3] for three months.[4] Jujur Prananto, known for writing the commercially successful Ada Apa dengan Cinta? and Ungu Violet, is credited for his screenplay with the story developed by Mira Lesmana, Riri Riza, Ifa Isfansyah, and Eddie Cahyono.

Chitra Subiakto is credited as the designer;[3] while renowned musician, Erwin Gutawa, provides the music for the film. Indonesian-born French-naturalized singer, Anggun, lends her vocal for the theme song "Fly My Eagle" which contains lyrics in both Indonesian and English.

Reza Rahadian, who plays the role of Biru, went through seven months of rigorous physical and martial arts training preparing for the film.[4] It is rumored that Rahadian is paid very high to appear in the movie, prompting local media outlets to name him the most expensive actor in Indonesia. However, Rahadian himself has personally disclosed that this is not the case.[5]

The film's estimated IDR 25 billion budget, or approximately USD 2 million,[6] is considered a fantastic figure for an Indonesian film production.


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