The Genius: Black Garnet

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The Genius: Black Garnet
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 12
Original network tvN
Original release October 1 – December 17, 2014
Additional information
Celebrity winner Jang Dong-min
Season chronology

The Genius: Black Garnet (Hangul더 지니어스: 블랙 가넷) is the third season of The Genius. It debuted on tvN on October 1, 2014.


(in alphabetical order)

Format Change

Theft and Violence

It was explicitly stated that players who commit theft and/or violence during the gameplay would lose the Main Match if they do so. They would be the elimination candidate for the day.

Discarding of garnets

Garnets of the losers of the death matches would be discarded as opposed to the previous seasons, where it was given to the winner of the death match. Both players would have to hand in their garnets to the dealers for them to safeguard, and the winner of the death match would have his/her garnets given back to him/her.

Black Garnets

Season 3 showcased a new addition in the garnet pool: Black Garnets. Players that had won a death match would receive a black garnet. It may also be used like a garnet (such as in trading and/or deals with players) but may not be used in biddings (with the use of garnets). In episode 10, each black garnet was converted to 2 garnets (worth 2,000,000 won or 2,000 USD).

Black Missions

Players that had 3 black garnets (either gained through death matches or received from other players) could choose to challenge a Black Mission, if they had been chosen for the Death Match. There were 3 different Black Missions in the entire game, which were: Observation, Memory and Mathematics. Should the player succeed in the Black Mission, he/she may choose another player to play for him/her in the Death Match instead. If the player had failed in the Black Mission, he/she must carry on to the Death Match.

The three different Black Missions:

  • Observation

(attempted by Kim Jung-hoon in Episode 4)

The player will play a game of Gyul! Hap! in this Black Mission, and must find all the Haps before shouting Gyul. If the player shouts Gyul before finding all the Haps, he/she loses immediately.

Kim Jung-hoon failed in this Black Mission.

  • Memory

(attempted by Lee Jong-bum in Episode 7)

The player will memorize 12 bus stop names and their order within 1 minute. The cards will then be shuffled and only their number (order) will be displayed. The player must read out all 12 bus stop names in the random shuffled order that was shown.

Lee Jong-bum failed in this Black Mission.

  • Mathematics

(this Black Mission was not attempted and not shown)


Episode Main Match Main Match winner Immunity receiver Main Match loser Appointed opponent Death Match Eliminated
1 Fruit Stand Kim Kyung-hoon Oh Hyun-min Shin Ah-young Kwon Ju-ri Black and White II Kwon Ju-ri
2 Jury Game Jang Dong-min
Oh Hyun-min
Choi Yeon-seung
Ha Yeon-joo
Shin Ah-young
Yoo Su-jin
Nam Hwee-jong
- Kang Yong-suk Kim Kyung-hoon Betting Rock Paper Scissors Kim Kyung-hoon
3 Middle Race Kim Yoo-hyun
Yoo Su-jin
- Choi Yeon-seung
Kang Yong-suk
- Black and White II Kang Yong-suk
4 Swords and Shields Oh Hyun-min
Choi Yeon-seung
Kim Yoo-hyun
Shin Ah-young
Lee Jong-bum
Yoo Su-jin Nam Hwee-jong Kim Jung-hoon Double-sided Poker Nam Hwee-jong
5 Miner Game Oh Hyun-min Jang Dong-min Choi Yeon-seung Yoo Su-jin Double-sided Poker Yoo Su-jin
6 Stormy Stock Market Jang Dong-min Oh Hyun-min Kim Jung-hoon Lee Jong-bum Betting Rock Paper Scissors Kim Jung-hoon
7 Constellation Game Ha Yeon-joo Shin Ah-young Oh Hyun-min Lee Jong-bum Twelve Janggi Lee Jong-bum
8 Investment and Donation Oh Hyun-min Jang Dong-min Kim Yoo-hyun Shin Ah-young Memory Maze Shin Ah-young
9 Middle Race Jang Dong-min
Choi Yeon-seung
- Kim Yoo-hyun Ha Yeon-joo Memory Maze Kim Yoo-hyun
10 Chain Auction Hong Jin-ho 1 Oh Hyun-min Jang Dong-min Ha Yeon-joo Monorail Ha Yeon-joo
11 Doubting Yutnori Jang Dong-min - Oh Hyun-min
Choi Yeon-seung
- Betting Black and White Choi Yeon-seung
12 Finals Twelve Janggi Oh Hyun-min Jang Dong-min
Same Number Hunt Jang Dong-min Oh Hyun-min
Betting Rock, Paper, Scissors Jang Dong-min Oh Hyun-min

^1      The winner is a guest player.

Elimination Chart

Ranking Contestants Rounds MM
1 2 32 4 5 6 7 8 9 105 11 12
1 Jang Dong-Min IN WIN IMM IN IMM WIN IN IMM WIN DM WIN Winner(2:1) 4 3 1
2 Oh Hyun-Min IMM WIN IMM WIN WIN IMM DM WIN IN IMM DM Runner-Up(1:2) 4 4 2
3 Choi Yeon-Seung IN WIN DM WIN DM IN IN IN WIN IN ELIM Oh Hyun-Min 3 0 2
4 Ha Yeon-Joo IN WIN IMM IN IN IN WIN IN DM ELIM Jang Dong-Min 2 1 1
5 Kim Yoo-Hyun IN IN WIN WIN IN IN IN DM ELIM Jang Dong-Min 2 0 1
6 Shin Ah-Young DM WIN IMM WIN IN IN IMM ELIM Oh Hyun-Min 2 2 1
7 Lee Jong-Bum IN IN IMM WIN IN DM ELIM Oh Hyun-Min 1 1 1
8 Kim Jung-Hoon IN IN IMM DM IN ELIM Jang Dong-Min 0 1 1
9 Yoo Su-Jin IN WIN WIN IMM ELIM Jang Dong-Min 2 1 0
10 Nam Hwee-Jong IN WIN IMM ELIM Jang Dong-Min 1 1 0
11 Kang Yong-Suk IN DM ELIM Jang Dong-Min 0 0 1
12 Kim Kyung-Hoon WIN ELIM Jang Dong-Min 1 0 0
13 Kwon Ju-Ri ELIM Jang Dong-Min 0 0 0
Garnets1 15 27 33 43 52 44 50 58 68 84 38 60 (₩60,000,000)6
Black Garnets 1 2 4 3 5 7 6 8 84
Discarded Garnets 1 2 1(1)3 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 226

^1 Black Garnets are not counted towards the total amount of garnets.
^2 There is no winners in Round 3, therefore Kim Yoo-Hyun and Yoo Su-Jin are the de facto winners.
^3 Discarded black garnets。
^4 At the beginning of Episode 10, every black garnet is exchanged for 2 normal garnets.
^5 The winner of Round 10 is the guest player, Hong Jin-Ho; therefore, there is no winner amongst the contestants. The first-place winner amongst the contestants is Oh Hyun-Min, who received immunity for the round.
^6 The discarded garnets from the last eliminated player will be added into the final garnet amount as a special award.

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