The Best of Bill Cosby

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The Best of Bill Cosby
Greatest hits album by
Released August 1969
Recorded 1964-1969
Genre Stand-up comedy
Length 37:01
Label Warner Bros.
Bill Cosby chronology
8:15 12:15
The Best of Bill Cosby
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 5/5 stars [1]

The Best of Bill Cosby (1969) is the 12th album by Bill Cosby.

It is his first compilation album containing favorites from his tenure with Warner Bros. Records, which had just been completed earlier that year. The liner notes were by David Ossman of the comedy group The Firesign Theatre.

Track listing

Some of the track titles on this album differ from those on the albums from which they were taken. Where applicable, the original titles are shown in parentheses.

Side 1

  1. Noah: Right! – 2:05 (from Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow...Right!)
  2. Noah: And the Neighbor – 1:43 (from ...Right!)
  3. Noah: Me and You, Lord – 3:11 (from ...Right!)
  4. Revenge – 5:58 (from Revenge)
  5. The Lone Ranger – 0:55 (from I Started Out as a Child)
  6. Old Weird Harold (9th Street Bridge) – 5:12 (from Revenge)

Side 2

  1. Driving in San Francisco – 3:45 (from Why Is There Air?)
  2. The Apple – 1:43 (from To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With)
  3. Babies (Baby) – 3:49 (from Why Is There Air?)
  4. The Water Bottle – 0:58 (from I Started Out...)
  5. Street Football – 1:17 (from I Started Out...)
  6. Fat Albert (Buck, Buck) – 9:05 (from Revenge)

"The Lone Ranger", as presented on this album, is a truncated (shortened) version of the original recording.

The cassette tape release of the album reverses Sides 1 and 2 of the LP in order to sequence the longer side first.

British track listing

In 1967, an album of the same title was released in England by Warner Brothers (K46002,) but with a different track listing and different cover art (it used the same photo as the cover of Wonderfulness for its front cover, and the photo and liner notes of Why Is There Air? for its back cover).

Side One

  1. Medic (from I Started Out...)
  2. Go Carts (from Wonderfulness)
  3. $75 Car (from Why Is There Air?)
  4. Noah: Right!
  5. Noah: And the Neighbor
  6. Noah: Me and You, Lord

Side Two

  1. Tonsils (from Wonderfulness)
  2. Kindergarten (from Why Is There Air?)
  3. The Playground (from Wonderfulness)


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